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A Journal of Friendship

February 3, 2016

It was a gift from her Grandma, and Maya eagerly opened it, looking at the blank spaces in it. She had just got home from school, and decided to use this journal as a way to narrate her life story through school, that is if she could remember she had it. 

5th Grade Year WooHoo!!
September 6th, 2011-First Week of School
    It wasn't as lonely or awkward as new schools normally are. I mean, sure I was new there, but I still knew some girls from my street. However it didn't feel right. They talked about sports and girly stuff, and I'm just not interested in those things. I'll try to get along with them though, I don't want to be left alone in this school. I needed friends, or I would be alone next year in sixth grade, and I do not want to be that girl in the books who doesn't get friends. 

September 9th, 2011-End of the First Week of School
    I am still with the same people that I met on the first day. They are okay people, but I just feel like I'm a replacement for someone else. Someone one moved the year before, and now I'm the girl to replace that one. They don't say it out right, but I have heard the rumors, and I see the way/talk about the old girl. I don't want to be a stand in, someone who really isn't friends with people. I want someone who is a true friend. 

January 2nd, 2012-Happy New Year!
    Wow, it's been awhile hasn't it. I reread my last entry, and I would like to say I have found a new group. A place I belong. I no longer hang with the other girls at recess, I instead go to the playground and talk with my new friends. They are all nerds, and introduced me to all these cool shows called anime. I've only watched a few, but they seem really awesome and funny! They include me, and make me feel like I belong in this little world of 5th grade. I hope we can stay friends in middle school. 

June 6th, 2012- Last Day of School
    Thank goodness it's summer. However, that means I can't see my friends. To be honest, I cried when I got off the bus for the last time that year. My friends all waved and said goodbye, probably getting in trouble because you aren't allowed to do that. Summer will most likely pass quickly, and then I will see my friends again in Fall, where we will be friends once more. 

Maya opened up her journal, and started to write. It was the new year of 6th grade, and let's just say, she was nervous as ever. 

6th Grade Year
September 4th, 2012- First Day of School
    Good news people, we are all still friends! Nothing changed between us which makes me super happy. Two other schools came into this middle school, so maybe I'll make more friends as time passes. Who knows, so I'll keep you updated. 

January 2nd, 2013-New Years
    I am so sorry for not keeping up to date. Anyways, listen to this, I have new friends! *dances* Plus, I am talk to my friends more now because of a messaging app. Because of this, we started this new thing called roleplaying, or rp. It's were you pretend to be a character, and talk like you were them. It's super fun, and I hope it continues on forever. 

Maya started to clean her room, which was an absolute pigsty, when she say a green book under a Zelda shirt. She picked it up and smiled. Her old journal. She abandoned her cleaning and sat down to write. 

7th Grade Year
May 21st, 2014-Middle of the School Year
    Wow, guess what I found under a stack of clothes! So I was talking about friendships? I have lost friends, and I have made friends. However it's been three years since I meet my first friend, and we are still happily BFF's.  That just goes to show friendships last longer than you think. 8th grade is rolling up fast, and it'll be our last year to be close as friends. I'm scared that I may lose them. 

    Maya sat on her bed, staring out the window. She was neverous, that was no surprise. An insitnct came over her and she picked up a journal that was on the side of her bed and started to write. 

8th Grade Year
June 10th, 2015-Promotion Night
    It's time to say goodbye to middle school. It's time to make new friends, and keep old ones. Will I be able to? My writer me wants to write a poem about this, so I will. 
Friends are those you cannot lose, 
So keep them close, 
And do not let go.
For if you do,
You never know, 
When they might leave
    Well, that sucked, but don't judge me book, I'm nervous for tonight. 

    Maya sat at her computer, looking at the blank screen in front of her. All of her journal entries were posted online already, and now came the last one before she started on her homework. Her freshman year of Highschool. 

9th Grade Year
February 3rd, 2016- Present Time.
    Friends are those who you keep close. Looking back at my years of friends, I have come to realize that. So now as I sit and this out for the world to see, I want to say something. I have been through the good and bad that comes with people. I've sat through fights and arguments that drive wedges threw hearts. But you can never give up on those people. The people who need you the most. 

She hit save and puplish, hoping people of the world would enjoy what she had written for them. 


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