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We did this on another account but we used the wrong email. Whoops. This is a writing club, that is hosted by two writers form Write the World, who wish to currently remain anonymous. We will post new things, at least once a week. On this club, we post contests, surveys, quizzes, fan fiction, and free writing. We hope to have people writing their opinions and anything else you want. This a chance to voice your opinions. Write free SFOW Anyone is welcome to join, as long as you fill out our survey, which asks some basic questions. Thanks!

User Survey

December 9, 2018


Please answer in the comments with ONE comment answering all of these questions 
1.) What's your username? 
2.) How long have you been on Write the World for?  
3.) How many pieces have you written? 
4.) What are your favorite genres to write?  
5.) What are your favorite genres to read  
6.) What genres do you not like to read? 
7.) What genres will you refuse to read and write? 
8.) Are there any topics that make you uncomfortable? If so, please tell which ones. 
9.) What is your commenting and peer review style? Are you more of a "Great job," person, or are you more of someone who is harsh, or likes to help? 

Thank you so much for completing this, and we hope you enjoy our club!


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  • December 9, 2018 - 10:47am (Now Viewing)

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  • Ursa Rover

    Also in regards to the comment you made on my piece, you started following me first. So I am a little confused.

    about 17 hours ago
  • Ursa Rover

    A little weird because I filled out this survey a couple days ago...I was the first one to comment. But okay, I'll do it again.

    1) Ursa Rover
    2)Almost a year
    4)Anything fiction
    5)YA and fantasy
    6)Romance, unless it's written really well
    7)None. I will attempt to write anything. I may fail, but I will try. And I will read anything if it is well-written.
    8)Nope, none.
    9)I try to balance my critiques with compliments, I can be pretty critical at first but I try to tone it down.

    about 17 hours ago
  • ProcrastinatingWriter

    1. ProcrastinatingWriter
    2. A bit less then a month
    3. 75
    4. Mystery and fantasy
    5. Mystery, nonfic, fanfic
    6. Historical fic
    7. None
    8. No
    9. I give detailed, comments depending on the piece, but mostly I give peer reviews

    1 day ago
  • SparklingEmbers

    1. SparklingEmbers
    2. Not that long- less than a month
    3. 29
    5. Dystopian/Sci-fi/fantasy
    6. Non fiction/historical fiction(it's funny because I'm writing historical fiction right fiction if it's interesting ;) )
    7. Non fiction essays or like informational paragraphs. I'm not a fan of the things you can't imagine.
    8. Um, I don't think so, I would say like horror and blood because that seems to be what most people hate but surprisingly Its my 'forte'
    9. I'm definitely more of a praising person when it comes to comments. I'm a Hufflepuff I don't have the heart to critic someone and hurt their feelings. On my story of the Holocaust, I was hoping people wouldn't take offense to the stereotypes in the story that the main character uses. :)

    4 days ago