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Twist Q&A

December 6, 2018


Ready for this? 
I'm doing the Twist Q7A from RainAndSonder, link down below :)

1. What Hogwarts house do you think I am? 
2. What is your mental image of me? How do you think I look IRL? 
3. What's my aesthetic? 
4. What trope do I remind you of? Look up some tropes if you don't get this one or don't know any. 
5. What do you think my zodiac sign is?  
6. What's your favorite piece of mine? 
7. What do you like most about my writing? 
8. What fictional character do I remind you of? 
9. What song do I remind you of/resembles my personality? 
10. What meme am I? 
11. What book/movie do I remind you of? 
12. You know the rhyme about what girls are made of? What am I made of? 
13. What fandom am I probably in? 

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