Dylan Putnam

United States

The Prince of Ash

December 6, 2018


    As the blonde teenager was close to finishing his chores in the kitchen, two Juveniles made their way into the area and threw their trash on the floor. As the golden haired boy made his way to the group to clean up the mess, one of the boys used his foot to trip our protagonist. "Oops, sorry Basura. Thought you were a rat coming for the food, so I tried to hurt you."
    'Basura' looked at the ground as he began to stand back up. "I-it's alright, guys. I know you were just messing around."
    "Sure, just messing around..." The other boy took a pile of garbage off the ground and looked at 'Basura' with a smirk on his face. "You hungry?" Then, with that, 'Basura's' step-brother dropped the garbage onto 'Basura'. With this, they too walked off laughing. 
    As 'Basura' began to clean the kitchen again, he cursed his family under his breath. He cursed his step-mother and his two step-brothers. And even his loving Father for dying and leaving him here with them. "I promise, dad... I won't live this live like... like... like I'm garbage anymore!" 


    At school the following day, 'Basura' sat in the cafeteria while trying to avoid his siblings. To his surprise, a girl sat down next to him and smiled. "Hi, I'm Ella."
    'Basura' blinked in confusion. "W-what?" 
    Ella tilted her head. "I introduced myself, it's what you do when you meet someone for the first time.
    'Basura' smiled. "O-oh, I'm Ethan."


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