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Holocaust COMPLETE Chapter 1

December 7, 2018


River. There was a river. I remember it now.                                                                                                            10/12/1940

I was told to run away, run far out of my house, but I missed my family already. 

I'm scarred, a sword drew across my face, leaving splatters of dark, thick liquid, and a pounding in my chest. My scream roared through my throat and it ripped open my ears. I was able to find sanctuary in the back of my grandpa's farmhouse. 

The dim light in front of me, which was an opened door, suddenly closed with an echoing thud. My breaths were thick and labored, it was so dark I couldn't see my hand in front of me. A voice reached into the darkness and spat: "Come out, come out, come out of your hiding, Jew." 

It was a low voice, so terrifying. A thick German accent- the accent of our enemy- rolled off the voice in thick waves, waves that reached my shore a lot sooner than I'd hoped. The words were said so easily I knew the man behind the voice was trained to say that...I shuddered. 

What if he found me? 


"Come out, come out wherever you are..." it echoed in a singsong voice. "There's nothing to be scared of little Jew. Nothing" 

Before I could jump, before I could take another breath, a hand groped at my dirt blanketed shirt. Bunching my shirt in his fists the Nazi flickered on a torchlight. He smiled, his teeth were yellow and his hair was black, thick, and messy, and the way of his green eyes. 

"Alter noyef!" I screamed in protest and kicked him hard in the groin. He let go of me and the light, and it shattered below me. I sccrambled away in the thick darkness, hearing his screams echo in the barn behind me

please take no offense this is a historical fiction! I'm not saying all Germans are bad and all Jews are like this, this story stars one Jew out of millions. If I have some facts incorrect tell me. I want to make this as true as possible and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings! Of course, it will be biased, it's in the POV of a 9-year-old Jew, if you are German at all please do not take offense to this!! No hard feelings? no hard feelings :)

Alter noyef means 'dirty old man'

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