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Be who you are and say what you feel because those who MIND don't MATTER and those who MATTER don't MIND.

~Dr. Seuss


The World In Our Mind

December 13, 2018

Once the world was inhabited by a young girl.
She lived a hard but happy life.
Even when her grandma would scream and yell at her,
even when she'd watch her dad lay in a hospital bed clinging to life every other week,
she was happy.

Or she thought that's what it was, anyway.

Once the world was inhabited by two girls.
The new girl took her place as ruler of this world and allowed the girl to forget her sadness,
keeping her safe inside even if she was too late.
The new Queen dealt with the burden of the old queen's pain.
When their grandma would scream and yell, the new Queen would take the place of the old queen and keep her happy.
When their dad would lay in a hospital bed clinging to life every other week, the Queen would only let her see so much, shielding her eyes.

Then the Queen was hurt very bad.

Once the world was inhabited by a young girl, a Queen, and a strange child.
The strange child became the Queen's jester of sorts, allowing the Queen to release the burden from defending the young girl.
The strange child would put on a smile when the Queen couldn't, laugh when the Queen couldn't, breath when the Queen couldn't.
The strange child became the embodiment of the Queen's happiness, even if she didn't know why she was happy most of the time.

Then the strange child revealed her secret.

Once the world was inhabited by a young girl, a Queen, a happy child, and the happy child's strange twin.
The strange twin clung to their happy sibling, letting them know when something could be wrong.
The strange twin would allow their happy twin to make all of their decisions, but the happy child would always take their twins' opinion into consideration.
The strange twin was not afraid as much as they were just concerned, concerned for the young child they all cared so much for.

Then the concerned twin stumbled upon the dungeon, their happy twin by their side, and said: "Something's not right." The twins heard someone telling an elaborate tale while someone else screamed. The twins found the Queen and asked her if she knew what was beyond the darkness in the dungeon. The Queen didn't even know they had a dungeon. The Queen took the twins and looked for the young girl, but she was not in her normal hiding place. "Something's not right." The concerned twin gripped their happy twins' arm tightly as the three ventured to the dungeon in search of the young child.

"Once the world was inhabited by a young girl, a Queen, a happy child, a concerned twin, a storyteller, and a beast."
"This tale again?" The young girl said, walking up to the barred window with a lantern.
The beast stopped screaming and the storyteller ran up to the bars, a smile planted on their face.
"Have you brought me more stories of my siblings?" The storyteller pulled themselves up to the window.
"Yes, Bleu and Bird were with me when I ventured to the village."
"Queenie?" The beast mumbled, his voice hoarse and scratchy from screaming.
"The Queen was with us, of course, leading the way. They insist they want to keep me safe, but I'd feel much safer with you two there." The storyteller grinned from ear-to-ear. "Especially you, muscles."
The young girl took the key ring from her pocket and opened up the cell, revealing a child chained up to a wall and a smiling child that resembled the twins.
"Hey, you." The young girl pulled the storyteller up into an all to familiar hug, letting their feet dangle.
"You've gotten taller!" The storyteller exclaimed. "Why can't anyone else get taller?"
"That's a story for another day, kiddo."
"Hey, I'm just as old as you are!" The storyteller complained, placing their hands on their hips.
"Yes, with the mind and body of a 7-year-old." The storyteller giggled and ran over to the child chained to the wall in five places. When the storyteller put their hand on the child's shoulder, the child began screaming and thrashing violently. The storyteller simply stepped back and allowed the young girl to approach the child chained to the wall.
"Hey, muscles, it's me." The beast screamed and thrashed. "Muscles," the young girl said as she enveloped the thrashing child in a warm hug. "I've got you."
"Got me?" After a few minutes, the beastly child began to calm down.
When he was calm enough to relax all of his muscles, he began to softly cry.

"I'm telling you, there's a light down there." The happy twin said, dragging their concerned twin down the dark hallway alongside the Queen.
"Shh..." The Queen said, putting her hand in front of the twins. "Is that crying?"
The twins stopped and listened.
"It's them." The concerned twin exclaimed. 
"Who?" The happy twin asked. But before they could manage an answer, the concerned twin ran head first down the hallway.

"Someone's coming." The storyteller whispered. They all stopped and listened.
"Footsteps, someone's running down the hall." The young girl said.
"More than one." The beast replied, clenching his fists.
The young girl stepped out of the cell and locked the door in three places, as the storyteller pulled themselves up to the barred window, the shadows covering everything but their fingertips.
"Don't make a noise." A reluctant grunt came from the child in chains, and the storyteller nodded their head.

"It's them!" The happy twin's face was enveloped in a large grin.
"Uh, how did you guys find me?" The young child crossed her arms.
"We stumbled upon this hallway by chance." The happy twin said in reply.
The concerned twin kept their eyes on the barred window.
"You okay, Bird?" The Queen asked the concerned child.
The concerned child looked at their hands and then back at the fingers gripping onto the barred window.
The storyteller let out a gasp and released the bars.
"Who was that?" The concerned child asked. The young girl and the concerned twin locked eyes, and in that moment they both knew exactly who it was.
"So it was you that night." The young child stated, not questioned.
"Can I see them?" The concerned child pleaded with their eyes that were still looking at the small barred window.
The young child let out a sigh before turning and walking over to the cell.
"Give me a second, okay?" The concerned child nodded, but the happy twin and the Queen were confused.
The young girl unlocked the door in three places and stepped inside, lighting a second lantern.
"Bird, who is it?" The happy twin asked their concerned sibling, but they just kept their eyes on the window.
After a few minutes of silence, the young child opened the cell door and took the concerned twin's hand. The Queen and the happy child followed closely behind.
They were greeted by a child chained to a wall in five places and another child who was standing under the window.
"Are they-" The storyteller looked at the young girl before finishing their sentence. The young girl nodded her head and attempted a smile.
The concerned child let go of the young girl's hand and approached the storyteller slowly. They noticed the similarities between the storyteller and the happy child.
"I'm-" The storyteller began.
"I know." The concerned child finished. They looked at their twin, who was staring at the child with disbelief.
"So you're not twins, I'm assuming." The Queen stated, quite frankly.
"Triplets." The beast mumbled.
The young girl walked up to the chained beast and put a hand on their cheek, letting it rest on his scars.
"Who's this girl?" The Queen asked, motioning to the beast. The beast's head shot up and they began to moan in a way the storyteller knew all too well.
"Muscles over here is a boy." The young child said, intertwining her hand with his. She rubbed her thumb against his scarred knuckles and he began to stop moaning.
The happy child walked briskly over to the beast, causing the storyteller to panic and jump in front of them. The storyteller looked into the happy child's eyes and slowly stepped aside. The happy triplet looked at their storytelling sibling, and let out a small sigh.
"Back." The beast mumbled, clenching his free hand.
"I just want to-" The happy child began.
"He doesn't want to hurt you, Bleu." The storyteller interrupted, but the happy child continued to walk over to the child in chains, slowly this time.
Because the chains were dragging him down a bit, the beast on his knees was about the same height as the happy child when they were standing. By now, the young girl had let go of the child's hand, so the child had both of his hands balled up into fists so tight that his scarred knuckles turned white.

"Hey, Charli. Earth to Charli." Eric was snapping his fingers in my face when I came to.
"Sorry, did I space out? Shit, sorry." This is the third time today I have spaced out. I need to get it together.
"Daydreaming again?" Dustin asked, stealing a chip from my back of Taki's.
"Sort of," I said, rubbing my neck expecting my hand to find a chain.

But it never does, not anymore.
i know i didnt follow the prompt. fite me nerd


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