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Maxine Scherz

United States

Hi, I'm Maxine: clarinetist of 7 years, equestrian of 11 years. I also really like reading which lead to liking writing. Oh, and music. I really like music.

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omg this is so bad "Xerox", omf who am i.

ABC Bella

February 10, 2015

A woman lived in Boston. Bella was her name, and Bella was going to Mikes Pastry. Cannoli's were the reason Bella was going to Mike's. Day by day Bella would sit in her house wanting something sweet, but day by day Bella couldn't bear to wait in the long line. Efficiently Bella made her way to Mike's around seven pm, and placed herself in the back of the line. Frequently the line was out the door of Mike's Pastry, so the traffic was heavy on the sidewalk. Gelato was served at Mike's, and was a very nice treat on hot days. Heck, maybe Bella should get gelato too. In the store there was a hectic mess of people pointing out what italian dessert they craved and wanted, so the employees were scrambling with baking and packing and wrapping up all the treats. Just as Bella thought she was going to leave the line and go to her other favorite bakery she made it to the front. Kindly, Bella slipped into the shop with a bright smile on her face. Looking at all the pastries Bella spotted her beloved cannoli's. Merrily she skipped up the counter. Nosily an onlooker watched what Bella was ordering. Opening her mouth, she was ready. Prepared to order Bella named a list of sweet italian treats to be boxed up and taken home. Quickly the workers grabbed boxes and shoved in the delicous sweets. Readily Bella pulled out her wallet and payed. Soon Bella was out the door. Teetering on the sidewalk Bella waited to cross the street to continue her trek home. Under the building across the way the light blinked white, and showed a picture of a cross walk man. Very quickly Bella dashed across the street. When she made it all the way to the other sidewalk she slowed down. "Xerox," she heard a man shout at her, but maybe that was her imagination. Yonder Bella could see her little apartment, and she smiled thinking about her greek mythology books she had. Zeus, she thought, was who she would read about tonight. 


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