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How Video Game Affect My Life

December 6, 2018


Ladies and Gentlemen of Write the World, today I’m writing about a subject I absolutely hate writing about: myself. I doubt anyone cares about my stupid stories about my life, especially something this trivial, but I decided to talk about a constant in my life, video games.

Let me set the scene. Imagine, if you’ll please, me as a kindergartner, on the best day for every little kid, Christmas. After opening a lot of gifts, I found a box that was medium sized. I opened it, and there it was, a Nintnedo DS, and with it the DS remake of Super Mario 64

The concept of video games blew my tiny mind. Seeing all the colors in such a small screen was mesmerizing, I suppose. The fact I could control four characters, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario, was also the coolest. Needless to say, I played it every chance I could.

Luigi ended up becoming my favorite. All the characters had mini games you could play, when you wanted to take a break from the action, I guess, and Luigi’s mini games were casino games. I remember, when my grandma was getting her social security taken care of, and mom made me sit in the lobby area, I played this poker mini game with Luigi for the whole hour (a huge amount of time in kid time!) we were there. Luigi made me a gambler, but hey, he’s the best, so I don’t care.

Any, side tangent over, on the next Christmas, I got a new gaming system, the Nintendo GameCube. After dad hooked up to my TV, I was ready to play! I got this entire bag of games with it, and gosh darn it, I was going to play them all! 

Among the first games I played was, believe it or not, a James Bond game, more specifically, 007: Nightfire. It’s a good game, from what I remember anyhow, but I don’t like shooter games anymore due to their lack of stories. Anyway, the real treat in the bag of games was a collector’s edition the Legend of Zelda, contains four games in the series.

Zelda quickly became my favorite game. Don’t get me wrong, Luigi was still my boy, but Zelda was cool! Being able to kill monsters, with a sword, no less? Totally awesome for a little boy like me. I annoyed my best friend at the time about it for days.

Speaking of friends, let’s finally get to reason video games affect my life: my lack of friends. You see, all my life, I haven’t had many friends. So, when I play video games, I feel like I have a fried to go on these grand adventures with. 

This may seem dumb, but I feel like video game characters are my only friends sometimes. I feel their pain when they feel down, I feel happy when they feel happy, and go through their experiences with them throughout their journeys.

It makes feel like I’m a part of something.

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