Peer Review by lina13 (Australia)

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The Sweet Caress of Twilight

By: inspiremaks14


The sun begins to dip below the horizon
The sky turns golden, then crimson
Then finally to inky black as the stars and moon appear
Winking down from their celestial plane

A warm breeze swishes by, tickling my cheek
The waves of the ocean heave and sigh as they wax and wane
Fine, white sand sneaks it's way between my toes
I breathe in deeply, the salty sea air filling my lungs

My eyes slip closed as I drift off
The sweet embrace of peace too alluring to refuse
The world, for once, in perfect harmony
With all it's living things

Message to Readers

Hey... I wrote a poem. I wanted to publish it to a group but I couldn't figure out how to do that since it's not related to any prompt so if anyone wants to help me out, please feel free.

So, I really like this poem and I'm really proud of myself for finishing it. I also made two Lion King references. Let me know if you find them!

Peer Review

I loved the Lion King references - they made me smile when I found them! This was a beautiful poem that used vivid description and colour imagery very effectively.

I actually have nothing to add or suggest here - I found the simplicity and universality of your poem delightful to read. Too much detail, and you risk narrowing the relevancy for your audience, but this poem had the perfect balance between detail and being general.

Reviewer Comments

Overall, keep up the good work! It was a pleasure to read your work.