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Voice Part 1

December 5, 2018


Ripples of shivers, a dark, cold feeling, and then darkness. 

I feel a hand placed on my shoulder and the impact made my lunch churn in my stomach. Lunch. I didn't have lunch. I've been trapped in this dark dystopia for days. "Come with me, Margot," I look up in the direction of the hand on my shoulder, but see nothing but the darkness and terrors that surround me. The voice and what I thought was a hand came out of thin air, and just like that, they evaporated. 

"Come with me and see the new sights." The voice was dripping down the back of my mind, I know that voice. I knew it from somewhere. "Come with me, Margot." it was poetic, almost like a song. The voice was low, aching, it rolled easily from whoever's tongue, but it stretched and strained my ears, the jaws of the indescribable. How am I supposed to word this low, deepening voice? This scraping, slow voice. How? 

Shifting, everything was shifting around me, the grey sky flew down to me, and with a sharp inhale- I awoke. 

Margot is pronounced margo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A girl was in a deadly accident and was trapped in a coma, this story starts when she wakes up, but there's a strange voice trapped inside her, and she's terrified to sleep. 


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