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War Stories: Chapter Four

December 5, 2018


Charles ran as fast as he could to square, almost hitting someone on the way. Once he got there, the first thing he noticed three men in grey uniforms laying on the square. They were Taultics, and the Citizen Guard had succeeded in their job in defending the town.

”They’re just scouts,” Charles’s friend and Guard member, Abel, said, noticing Charles looking at the dead enemies.

”Indeed,” Clement said, suddenly appearing,”It seems a Taultic assault force is coming this way right now. However, Mr. Bisset, I believe you have more important matters to attend to?”

He pointed at a little girl, crying near the edge of the square.

”Sophie!” Charles ran up to Sophie and gave her a hug,”Thank the heavens you’re right.”

Charles had no idea what Sophie said through all the crying. He let her go, and stood up.

”Where’s mom?” Charles asked. 

Sophie sniffed, and pointed to a lady talking to a Citizen Guard. 

“Okay, Sophie,” Charles put his hands her shoulders,”I’m going to go and talk to mom you can stay with...”

He looked around, and saw his elderly neighbor, Mrs. Beaufort. 

”Excuse me,” Charles said,”Could you watch Sophie for a minute? I need to talk to my mother.”

”Certainly, dear,” Mrs. Beaufort said, waving Sophie over.

”Come child,” She said,”Do you want to hear a story?”

Sophie’s eyes lit up. “What kind of story?” She asked.

Charles went to his mother, who was talking to Captain Clement.

”Oh, there you are, Charles!” She said,”I was worried.”

”We were talking about you, Mr. Bisset,” Captain Clement said,”While,we managed to to kill the three Taultic scouts you see over there, they managed to kill one of our men.”

Charles looked and a saw a women in a blue uniform on the ground in an alleyway near the edge of the square, with two men picking her up to somewhere more appropriate. 

“Emmeline Dennel,” Clement shook his head,”What a shame.”

”Yes,” Charles looked for a while.

”We need more manpower while we evacuate the area,” Captain Clement said,”If you would please, join us in defending Frontiére.”


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