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Mary Ann

February 15, 2016

   Little Mary Ann was a very timid Elemental. She shied away from humans, afraid that her little gift would hurt them. And the uncomprehending humans pelted them. Not physically, albeit sometimes Mary Ann wished it were- it would have been better than the whispers that swirled around her, wherever she went. The waggling little pointy fingers that twisted in her direction, as if to mock her misfortune. Being one of the freaks who controlled elements- an inhuman feat.

   All the innocent child knew was that Humans were afraid of Elementals, and vice versa. Maybe 'cause of an accident-she was never told.  She never really understood . Why fear something they didn't know? Until she realized that that was what scared them. Not knowing anything about the Elementals, that was.
  What made it worse for Mary-Ann was that she was part of the royals. The rulers. A natural control on elements.

   "Why hello there, little girl." A trembling voice piped up, and Mary Ann squealed in fright. How she hadn't noticed the old, wrinkly mass in front of her was beyond her. The prune like mouth twitched upwards, and Mary Ann held her breath, afraid that this specimen would hurt her.

   Then she realized the lady was smiling.

  ​   Perhaps, thought Mary Ann, perhaps this lady didn't know what Mary Ann was. A specimen of the Elementals, the species that humans desperately hunted down. Perhaps she didn't even know who she was. Maybe she was senile, and out of her mind- "wonky-twiddly-twinkie off her rocker", as Mary Ann's parents had put it.

   "I do know what you are, dear child."

   With a tiny gasp, Mary Ann fled the scene. With each step that bounced her forward, questions buzzed through what the humans called a brain. The last one, however, made her halt so abruptly that she skidded a few steps.

   If she knew, why speak to me, then?

     The very next day, the little girl treaded through the woods cautiously. The woods soon thickened, giving the appearance of a forest. At least, until the sludge came. Then did Mary Ann realize that it was a swamp- not just any swamp, it was the Siren's Swamp!

   S- Sirens! Oh no, Mother will be furious!

    A intake of breath from her, before she smacked a hand over her mouth. The smack resounded through the spooky swamp as bubbles frothed. She stumbled a couple steps, before falling down.

  Now, what you must know is that fear is a funny thing. It makes you breathe faster, feel thirsty, and makes your heart hammer like a frightened little rabbit. That was how little Mary Ann felt like.

   "He-llo there, little one!" Little Mary Ann bit back a frightened squeal as something splashed out of the water. Once she saw who it was, she could only peek through her hands. Blonde hair, greenish skin, a mischievous grin...

   "Y-you're Nyx! The swamp fairy, r- ri-"

   "Yep! Now, what's a pretty little girl like you doing here?"

         Five years- that was how long Nyx and Mary Ann had enjoyed each other's company. Nyx was a cheerful and funny fairy. Though, Nyx insisted that she was a Swamp Mermaid.Nyx was a swamp fairy, though, and there was no changing that fact.   
   "...So I glared at him with all my might, but he just smacked me in the face!" Nyx exclaimed indignantly, as Mary Ann's little round face puffed red with anger. 

   "How dare he! He was the one who started it!" Mary Ann yelled, her anger causing Nyx to giggle lightly.

         Ten years. All those seemed like memories. When Mary Ann had first came, she was seven. So now a seventeen year-old Mary Ann had begun to think back. Was Nyx there by coincidence, or on purpose?   ... I'll ask her next time.

         ...Clip- clop clip-clop...

  "Hey, Nyx." Nyx glanced worriedly at Mary Ann. She was- give or take, thirty- and currently suited in some sort of iron armour. Her curiosity peaked into an all time high. Her horse whinnied as its master jumped off.

  "Heya, Mary! What's wrong? You seem... Glum. And what's up with all that armour...?"

   "I won't be seeing you for a long time. Duty calls, for war arrives."

   For twenty-three years, the Swamp Mermaid had watched little Mary Ann grow. Mary was a pretty young lady now- and yet she was going to war? Nyx knew that her shock was showing as her tail began to splash furiously now. Water sprayed everywhere.

   "War? WAR?! Yo-you don't deserve war!" Nyx cried out, her disgust apparent at how appalling Mary Ann's situation was now. Mary simply bowed her head lightly- a slight inclination of her head. Nothing much.

   "Were you here on purpose?"

   A slight pause.

   "Yes, yes I was." Mary Ann flinched a little- Nyx's tone was dead. Monotone. Cold. As if her heart had been carved out and thrown as a basketball.

   "Were you the old lady?"

   "Yes. I was so lonely..."

   At this, a bloody liquid began to leak from Nyx's eyes. With a start, Mary Ann realized that Nyx was crying. Never had she seen Nyx cry. Ever.

   "I... Promise I'll be safe." Mary spoke hesitantly as her trusty steed beside her bayed impatiently. She saddled on, and slowly trotted out of the swamp.                      

   "How long shall I need to wait?

  For my only friend to awake.

   How long for her to realize what's at stake,

   What's left is an empty promise and date.

     My dear child, whom I had spoke and told,

   My dear child, for twenty-three I had mould.

   My friend, for thirty I watched,

   For umpteenth times I taught.

     When she comes back,

   The horse's hooves clack.

   When I wait, embrace her being late

   ...I hope she remembers love, not hate."
  Accompanying the song was a desolate sigh.

                   "Uhm, hello?"

   There was no response.

   The wind still sang its song.

   The trees still whispered to each another.

   The muck still squelched, under the human's boots.

   The bubbles fizzled out.  
Sobs  F-For those who don't understand Humans and Elementals Elementals fear of hurting humans, humans afraid of Elementals hurting them Little girl named Mary Ann Meets Nyx Befriend Goes to war   ... Nuff spoken.

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