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Hello to my reader, from a large nerd. I'm a fan of all things Marvel, but I still appreciate all the work DC has put into their movies. I currently play alto sax, and I'm teaching myself to play clarinet. I am working on four different novels/series, one of which I'm writing with my best friend. I love the Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter universes. I also listen to WAY too many soundtracks. My favorite artists are TobyMac, Capital Kings, and Owl City. Oh, and I also love everything Hamilton, The Phantom of the Opera, The Greatest Showman, and Dear Evan Hansen. If you don't know this already, God loves you with all his heart. No matter what you've done or how horrible you think you are, he cares for you. Have a great day!

Robin Hood the second

May 8, 2019


    I sighted the target, a large tree trunk, pulled back my bowstring so that my fingers brushed my ear, then released the arrow with a  twang. I didn't bother to see where my arrow landed, I just knocked another arrow to my bowstring. I sighted my target ready to shoot. "Stop," my mentor said. "You are doing better," he said, examining my posture. My muscles started to shudder under the strain. "You can shoot now." I let go of the arrow. It flew to the tree and landed in the exact center, just centimeters from my last arrow. I grinned at him cockily. He sighed, shaking his head. "You're just about ready to go out and do what I did."
    "Of course I am," I said with a smile.
    "And even cockier than I was," my mentor, and father, said. If I was any other man's daughter, I'd be learning how to sew and cook. But because my father was Robin Hood, I was able to learn how to defend myself and eventually, rob to give to the poor. I was ready for some action in my life. However, no one knew that my father was Hood himself because he had to go into hiding for fear of getting killed. So his name now was Johnathan Hopanas. I was Robin Hopanas. My mother had passed right after I was born, leaving me alone with my father. Folklore had schemed that my father, as a lord, had married Maid Marian, but that wasn't true. He gave up his lordship out of fear, and Maid Marian married the handsome sheriff of Nottingham who gave her a good life, but not the life she wanted of course. Now, she was practically a queen, and as far as she knew, my father was dead, with no heirs. I basically didn't exist. My father brushed wisps of my long hair out of my face, smiling down at me.
    "Just remember," he said, "that you can't get caught. Ever. If they catch you, they will kill you without a second thought." I smiled, brushing my fingers against my father's scratchy beard. 
    "I won't," I said. I started to move, but my father put a finger to his mouth, gesturing for me to go in quietly. I cocked my head but walked cautiously. I heard the clanking of metal armor in the distance and the pounding of hoofbeats and they approached our small cottage. As soon as I got to the door, I quickly ran into my room, into my closet, and opened the secret room behind my closet, quickly shutting the door behind me. I was left in sheer darkness, but I could still hear what was happening outside. I heard my father walk inside, shutting the door. I pressed my ear to the secret door. The horses had stopped, presumably in front of our home. One knocked on the door. My father walked to answer it. I knew it was him by his footsteps.
    "Hello?" he said, not opening the door. He was playing the fearful, single, old man. 
    "We have a warrant to search your home," the soldier outside said. 
    "Who are you and what might you have a warrant to search my house for?" he asked, letting his voice quiver.
    "I am the son of the former sheriff of this city, and I have a warrant to search your home for lovely young beauties to offer up to the crown prince to marry and take as queen." 
    "I have no children at home," my father said. The door opened. 
    "Search the home," the first soldier said. I backed into a corner, even though I knew they couldn't see me where I was. What would they do if they found me here? I quickly changed out of the leather leggings and black tunic I was wearing and put on a simple dress made from a grey, scratchy material that my father had said accented my brown eyes and brown hair perfectly. I tied a white apron around my waist and pulled a black cape around my shoulders. Then I tied my hair up into a bun. I despised wearing dresses of any sort, especially in public, because they were more formed-fitting and showed off the muscles I had built up in my arms. I slowly shifted my hair color to blond and my eyes to blue. That was something my father never had to deal with. Magic. But because I had it, I was going to use it to my advantage.
    "You look familiar," the first soldier said to my father. "Almost like a certain thief that was supposed to be dead." He yelled to the other soldiers. "Halt your search and seize this man. We're taking him back with us." 
    "Why?" one man asked.
    "Because he looks exactly like Robin Hood," the first soldier said, exasperated. I heard a few people grab my father. I wanted to go out there and help him, but I knew if I did, we'd both be dead within a day. Then I heard the soldiers leave. I quietly climbed out the window in the back of the secret room and walked through a grove of trees. I walked onto a worn dirt path, pulling down the hood of my cloak. The path met up with the main road and I started walking back to my home. I was going to find a way to get into the castle and save my father. Even if it meant sacrificing my identity as Robin Hopanas and becoming someone new. I walked faster and reached my house. It looked different without the candle that was normally burning in the window. One of the soldiers had put it out. I smoothed my hair and patted down my apron. I walked up to the door and timidly knocked on the door. 
    "John Hopanas?" I asked. "Sir? Are you home." I heard footsteps inside the door opened to reveal a soldier. "Oh, sorry sir," I said hurriedly, looking at my feet. 
    "Why are you here?" he asked. 
    "Well I was looking for John because he makes bread for me once a week, and today was the day I was going to buy it from him," I said, peeking up at him. 
    The soldier leaned against the doorpost. "And you do this every week." I nodded. "Tell me, girl, do you have a family?"
    "They are all gone," I whispered. "My father and my mother left me years ago." He smiled.
    "Then no one will even notice you're gone," he mused. 
    "What, sir?" I asked. His smile widened.
    "Congratulations, dear girl, you have earned yourself a trip to the compound to meet the sheriff," he said.
    "But I have no nice dresses to wear!" I protested. He shoved me inside my home. 
    "Then look in the bedrooms for a dress. And be quick." I nodded quickly and ran into my bedroom, opening the wardrobe dramatically. Inside was a silver dress that my father had saved just for an occasion or a mission. I pulled it out and brought it to the soldier. 
    "I found a dress." He grunted, pushing me out the door.
    "Then to the capital we go," he said, whistling merrily to himself. "Oh," he said, digging around in his cloak pocket for something. He pulled out a metal band with a loop attached. "Your wrist, please," he said. I reluctantly held out my wrist, knowing where this was headed. He snapped the band around my wrist. It seemed to mold to my skin. My eyes widened. This was a magical band, used to permanently keep prisoners. Was I now a prisoner?
    "I assure you this is only temporary," the soldier said. I wanted to laugh. Yeah, right. "Your name?"
    "Elana," I said absentmindedly. 
    "Welcome, Elana," he said. "I hope you enjoy your time at the compound."

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