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Message to Readers

A poetic piece written under the glare of a holiday heatwave. Enjoy!

Halia's Forest

February 12, 2016

PROMPT: Setting as Mood

Ellie couldn't remember the last time she had laughed like she did with Halia. She reached out to the white bark lining the tall statues towering over her. The orange glow of late sun filtered through the trees over her head, creating a world of shelter from the scorching heat of the heatwave. She closed her eyes, listening to the distant chirps of birds alarming everyone of the approaching storm. The humid, sticky air was still; Ellie found herself longing for the absent breeze that often ran through the trees, ruffling her curls and the hem of her shirt as it blew away her worries. The dirt under her feet was moist; the haven trapping any moisture and drawing it to the soil. A loud roar from a passing by car jolted Ellie out of her bliss. She had forgotten about the suburban life that insisted to carry on around her; the humming of the engines rushing by on the road at the border of the forest blending into one monotonous buzz. Ellie had forgotten that the rest of the world hadn't come to the same realisation she had just moments earlier. That Halia was the only thing more beautiful than the scars lining the bark beneath Ellie's fingertips. That the echo of Halia's laugh weaves a delicate path through the trunks and makes Ellie shiver more than the leaves. That Halia's lips on hers created a new haven; a new secret world full of natural beauty and no concept of time. Ellie wanted to stand in the sunlight forever.


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