Julie Swei

United States

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just getting a small story down :)


February 1, 2016

I am a teenage girl at fifteen, and I actually still have no idea what friendship really means. Is it sharing food? Exchanging clothes? Critiquing others? As a high schooler, I never expected to find my answer to my question in the most innocent and inexperienced hands. My friend's younger sister always brings two chocolate bars to school, and every day, she would find only one left. After many months, her best friend confessed that she was the culprit. I expected there to be fussing and tears, as most arguements with toddlers come down to, but I was wrong. They shared a genuine hug, and my friend's younger sister whispered, "Yes, I know, but I've been keeping my chocolate in the same pocket ever since the first week just so you could have some.” 


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