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16 years old ~ high school grad ~ gap year~Homeschool grad~ daughter of Christ ~ Adopted ~ new writer ~middle child of 7~
Writing is the only release I have... it keeps me going, please help me get better at it.

Message to Readers

God is amazing, he is my savior and my friend, and the reason I’m alive!

Seed tossed among the thorns

December 4, 2018


We were seeds tossed among the thorns
I was born in to a family of drugs and abuse
My situation was a theoretical noose
There was no way out I could find on my own
I was only a baby but I wasn’t alone
There were six of us 
we went through it together
The oldest taking role of our mother
At only eight years old she held us together
We were seeds tossed among the thorns 
A shepherd came along in the form of a prayer
His name was God and he was always there
He kneeled in the crop to harvest his seed
He kneeled in the crop to harvest me
He picked them up out of the thorns
He saved them from dying and replanted them here 
A field that had been barren for a long ten years
The field heard the news, and they watered us in tears.
We were seeds tossed among the thorns 
We should have been chocked
 the thorns were deadly, 
but God defeated death and saved me.
The seed is his word, where we fall we grow... but if we put our trust in the Lord, that’s when our roots start to grow. 
We were seeds tossed among the thorns 

The evil one thought he could win with a thorn, I guess he forgot he tried to win before.
God didn’t forget, he came prepared for war
He came in swinging his sword. 
His sword cut the thorns and saved the seeds. His word cut the lies and saved me. 
This is the parable of the sower... 
and what it means to me 
“He who has ears, let them hear, and eyes let them see”
God is the sower and the seed is me. 

                  Inspired by LUKE 8:4-15
                      Written by Heather 
                 Full Credit to Jesus Christ 



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