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Journal Entries from a Fairytale #believe

December 3, 2018


Journal Entry #1

   Dear Journal,
We have finally arrived at our new home. Though really, it reminds me of a dilapidated country house. Three stories, and I suppose not as boring as some, but at least I get my own room. Druzilla is such a pig sometimes. 
   My step-sister is enviably pretty. But I wouldn't say so to her face. She wore her long, golden hair in a single braid all day. And the blue dress she was wearing was extremely plain, but matched her eyes. Her name is Ella, which I think is rather funny because Druzilla's and my name also end with an 'a'. 
   And about step-father, well, Ella has his blue eyes, and his clothes are slightly rumpled, but he has good tastes. I think I shall like him well-enough. 
   Now I'm so tired I think I shall fall asleep while writing. 
                                With all my love, 

Journal Entry #2

   Dear Journal,
So far today, I have counted two pet parakeets, five cats, an old brown horse, and a handful of chickens. There can't be more than five servants on the whole property, one of whom being the grounds keeper. And the way Ella treats them seems rather odd to me. As though they're family and not servants. Not at all like mother used to treat those at our old house. 
   Oh, and did I mention? There's a piano here! A real, polished grand piano! I shall have to search through my luggage for my music books. Maybe I can get Ella to help me. She does seem eager to help out when someone is in need of it. 
   My fingers are now itching to touch those beautiful ivory keys!
                                Impatient, yet with all my love,

Journal Entry #3

   Dear Journal,
If nothing else, the piano's tone is divine. Ella lighted up like a candle when I began to play it yesterday. Then her blue eyes grew thoughtful, I wonder if her first mother played it before she died. 
   Rain has been pouring down all day, and Ella brought me a cup of herbal tea to soothe my sore throat. She's loads better than Druzilla. The pig tore through my dresses yesterday and put on my favorite cream-colored one. In the struggle that followed, the hem ripped awfully. I assure you, it was none of my fault. 
   Maybe I'll ask Ella to fix it for me. She seems better versed to household chores than I am. I must now take a nap before dinner. 
                                With all my love, 

Journal Entry #4

   Dear Journal,
I'm afraid it has been much too long since I last wrote in here. But step-father has died. Ella cried in her room for hours. When I asked her to polish my shoes she put on a smile and did it, but still. I wonder what it must be like to love someone so much that you cry baskets when they pass me. 
   And also, mother dismissed the household servants, except the grounds keeper. Perhaps Ella will help me from now on. The poor girl needs a distraction from her grief, I fear. 
                                With all my love,

Journal Entry #5

   Dear Journal,
THE PRINCE IS HOSTING A BALL!!! NEXT MONTH!!! I'M SO EXCITED I CAN HARDLY KEEP MY HANDS FROM SHAKING!!! Ella volunteered to go to the dress-makers shop to put in our order. Mother promised us the latest fashion! What that is, I don't know, BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!
                                Excited, and with all my love,

Journal Entry #6

   Dear Journal,
The prince's ball was heavenly. I danced all night, but Druzilla sat near the refreshment table and stuffed her mouth with food. The pig. The strangest thing happened, though. The prettiest lady I've ever seen waltzed into the ballroom, and the prince danced with her all night. Everyone's calling her the 'Mysterious Princess', which is fitting, I mean, her dress was GORGEOUS! Made my dress look like rags, I'll admit. And now I must petition mother to have a dress made just like hers. So dreamy. 
   Someone will be sure to notice me if I wear a dress like that. Maybe one day I'll even marry an emperor, or a duke! 
                                With all my love,

Journal Entry #7

   Dear Journal,
The past couple months has been so busy! I've hardly had time to play the piano. The prince hosted another royal ball, and again the Mysterious Princess showed up. In a different, prettier dress than last time. Which I didn't think was possible. Then she left rather quickly at midnight, leaving behind one of her gorgeous glass slippers. The prince has been going from house to house searching for her. 
   Rumor has it he wants to marry the Mysterious Princess when he finds her. So far, she hasn't come out from hiding. And another strange thing happened. When the royal guard showed up at our house for all of us to try on the glittering, glass slipper, mother went into a flurry. We all tried it on, but it fit Ella. (Who we nicknamed Cinderella because she gets ash all over her face sometimes). 
   Anyways, Ella left to marry the prince, and mother is taking us far away. She's angry even more than normal, and I had better pack my bags. 
                                Confused, but with all my love,
korra4life is hosting this (Contest Número 1) competition! 
   Go check it out! It's an awesome prompt! =) 


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  • korra4life

    Winners have been announced

    10 months ago
  • korra4life

    You did an excellent job with it! I wouldn't have believed this was your first time from this piece.

    11 months ago
  • AbigailSauble

    So glad you liked it! :D I've never re-written a fairytale before, so this was an interesting experience for me. :)

    11 months ago
  • korra4life

    I love this! You make the entire fairytale seem to realistic. I also love how Anastasia doesn't hate Ella, like the stories and movies always portray. Instead, she seems to like Ella and doesn't have any qualms towards her marrying the prince.
    Great adaptation of the story. Love, love, love it!

    11 months ago