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I'm a 13yo girl and I'm just on here for fun, so I just kinda write whatever I feel like and I don't really have a specific style or genre that I write in :)

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December 4, 2018


Winter looks like stark grey branches
reaching against a backdrop of unforgiving ice blue sky.
Winter looks like the dull colors when everything is muted by the first frost.
Winter looks like snowflakes stuck on dark eyelashes
and melting on your palm as you catch them.
Winter looks like rosy cheeks and windswept hair when you come back inside.
Winter looks like icicles, reflecting the weak light of the sun.
Winter looks blinding, sometimes, when the snow reflects light back and forth until you step outside and it's so bright it hurts--

Winter smells clean and crisp
Winter smells stern but loving
Winter smells like a competition, concentration, unwavering focus
Winter smells like the collar of you sweatshirt when you pull it over your nose for warmth
Winter smells like the color white, with a little gray mixed in
Winter smells like walking inside and inhaling a warm dinner
Winter smells like relief, when you're overwhelmed and you inhale and it send a flood of ice cold through your veins and you're invigorated, energized for the first time in so long--

Winter tastes like the cold sting for only a moment
before a snowflake melts on your tongue.
Winter tastes like cool, clear water
Winter tastes like the first hot chocolate of the season when you come back in from playing in the snow.
Winter tastes like sugar and vanilla wafting through the house as you bake another batch of cookies.
Winter tastes like hot drinks burning the skin off your tongue.
Winter tastes like mint, when you inhale and it fills your mouth and nose and it's so cold and you feel alive--

Winter sounds like trucks rumbling by
a million miles away.
Winter sounds like exhaling to form a cloud of smoke as you walk.
Winter sounds like
Like the whole world has a damper on it
Waiting for something with baited breath, but I never find our what.
Winter sounds like exhales of pleasure as soon as you get in out of the cold.
Winter sounds like a sharp intake of breath when you first step outside.
Winter sounds like loud laughter and clinking glasses, like silverware sliding on plates.
Winter sounds like the lone birdcall you hear, when it seems so quiet all life must have gone, but this tiny thing still sings and you're shocked that despite the freezing temperatures it decided to stay--

Winter feels like dry wind
pulling at your hair
caressing your skin until it's red with cold.
Winter feels like the delicious shudder that runs through you when you sit down by the fire.
Winter feels like cold fingertips on warm faces.
Winter feels like trying to pull in freezing air through a stuffed-up nose.
Winter feels like stepping out of your warm cocoon of blankets in the morning, greeted by cold, dry air.
Winter feels like rushing through getting dresses so you can be warm again.
Winter feels like snow melting in your socks and soaking your gloves.
Winter feels like shaky breaths because you can't stop shivering.
Winter feels like it's never going to end.
Winter feels like sitting curled up under a blanket with hot chocolate and a book, looking out the window at snowflakes drifting past, and that little bubble of happiness forms in your chest like a comforting weight because you're just so simply happy--


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  • .Viv

    @CreativeAngel : winter, ryan's tree, and anything else I guess?

    almost 2 years ago
  • CreativeAngel

    You won first place in my contest! Which three pieces should I review?

    almost 2 years ago