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A Breath Into Silence

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She likes sugar, notebooks, and existence. A dreamer, scientist, and musician. In love with the night sky. Incurably shy. Always willing to listen.

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On the subject of Winter

December 3, 2018


Frigid winter wind
among pillars of ice and snow
Constant, and yet quiet

Silence is King here,
Malice is Queen
[Although he has admitted
to liking Beauty better--
Everything likes her,
so he is forgiven]

A long way North
of Somewhere
East of Nowhere
in between thought and reality
They are there, but in solitude

For Winter is demanding
and scepter of ice
melts in the warm air
Cape of ermine fades;
the throne should disappear
but Malice and Silence would remain

No, no,
much better to be alone --
forever frozen in the cold
than to meet those
who rule this haunted place

Frigid winter wind
among pillars of ice and snow
A kingdom within a kingdom-
in a place all its own


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1 Comment
  • Johanna

    Wow... this is stunning.

    7 months ago