United Kingdom

Last Breath

January 31, 2016


Her time was fading. I looked down at her draining face. I could feel the seconds slipping away. Frantically I looked around for someone, for anyone. Looking back at her white face, I could tell her heart was steadily pumping the blood from her body. Glancing down at the deep wound in her abdomen, the last thread of hope dissipated. All that was left now was to hold her. Help her go. A clear salty stream of tears slipped down her bloodless face. Her breaths became, rapid and shaky. My vision began to blur as tears pooled in my eyes. I reached over to her and watched my trembling hand take hers. Her chest rose and fell. A distant, dead look appeared as the life left her eyes. She took her last breath. As her chest fell for the final time, the dam broke. My body racked with sobs. Throwing my hands onto my head I rested my forehead on her chest. "damn it, damn it"  ​I whispered, breathing heavily against her still chest. "damn it!" my voice rose to a scream. She had taken her last breath...


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