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April 2, 2019


“So, what is it like?” Iliza asked when they were  down in the prison. “Being monochromatic? Being...unable to see-”
    “Don’t you dare say anything else.” The sharp voice of Nieko said in front of her. His long black hair covered his eyes but Iliza knew they were silver. “Because you don’t know what you’re talking about.”
    “Well-” Iliza tried to talk back, knowing she was of greater power than this boy, but he cut her off again.
    “Describe the color green.” Nieko commanded. His covered eyes piercing Iliza, to her his gaze and question felt like a million daggers seeping into her hands, her chest, her back, her body. She shuddered. “Go on,” He said when Iliza didn’t reply.
    “Um, it’s dark-well that’s not true, sometimes it can be light but-”
    “What is dark, what is light?” He said, almost as if he had scripted this.
    “Well...wait, you see shades right?”
    Nieko just shook his head.
    “It’s like...grass, that-oh...well, the leaves of trees, what color do you picture them to be?”
    Nieko shook his head again, this time it was more of a way to say foolish. “I. Don’t. Know.” He simply answered. “I don’t see colors so I don’t know what each color looks like. I don’t know what brown is, for all I know, brown in my mind could be like white. What is white?”
    Iliza sighed. “I’m sorry.”
    Nieko looked up at her, disgust painted across his face. He stood up from where he was sitting and strutted towards Iliza. His teeth were gritted, scraping against the surface of each other. “What did you say?” It seemed to Iliza that venom was dripping from his mouth.
    “I’m sorry.” She said quieter.
    “Describe the sun Iliza.”
    “Nieko I can’t describe things with color, it’s too hard-”
    “Just do it. I wish to know that the sun isn’t just some ball that floats above us, unable to save us all, and then when it sets it just gives up on us. Then when it rises it acts like nothing happened the previous day, tell me it’s more than that Iliza.”
    “Well, it’s…” Iliza tried to think of what to say without saying a color or something related to the color, she thought, long and hard, but after minutes her mind stayed blank.
    “Well...” Nieko said, awaiting his answer with little patience.
“Okay I’m sorry! I can’t describe the colors!” Iliza said, tears shining in her eyes. She looked up to the moon
    “Right, because you ‘normal people’ take in colors as if they’re nothing, you take them for granted, you don’t even know how lucky you are to see colors because they’re just a part of your everyday lives. Waking up for you is seeing the sun stream in through your window, seeing your colored room and looking in the mirror at your whatever colored hair and opalescent eyes. Waking up for me is-” He sniffed. “Is looking out the window to see silhouetted statues, which are supposed to be golden, but I don’t even know what golden is because I don’t see it!”
    “I-I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say.”
    “People are always like: ‘You can tell so much about a person by looking at their eye color, by looking at the color people display,’  they don’t realize it’s me they’re talking to, me who can’t see colors.” Nieko sucked in a long, scolding breath. “They don’t know what I’m missing out on. They treat me as every normal kid. ‘Hey, do you see that red lizard?’ they ask. ‘Yeah,’ I respond, but I see the lizard, not the red they see. I’m only half complete and they don’t see it. They don’t use their gift to see colors and look into my eyes, I’ve been told they’re silver. But what is silver?”
    “It’s like grey, but shinier.”
    “And grey is the color I’m seeing now? What’s shinier?”
    “It’s a long thing to explain.” For some reason Niekos rage seemed to have washed away, or maybe he was just pretending to be okay, Iliza knew people who did that. People like Rival. “And, I’m sorry, really.”
    Something flashed in Niekos eyes. His breathing became sharper. “Stop saying that!” He covered his ears, his elbows sticking out. “Stop!”
    “Because!” He choked on his tears, which were trickling, like a river, down his splotched cheeks. He bit the inside of his bottom lip.
    “Because why?” Iliza yelled.
    Nieko grabbed Iliza by the collar of her shirt. “Because. When people say words…” He hesitated. “The word ‘sorry’ does nothing. It’s just a four letter word. The only thing words can do is break you down. And…” He took in a shaky breath. “When someone talks to a monochromat, they know that words can be colors, but they don’t know that we can’t see colors.”
    Iliza crooked her head. Sorry could be considered a color, but it really logically wasn’t.
    “So when you say ‘I’m sorry’ say it to someone who knows what the color is because I don’t and you’re just reminding me of my grey, half life! You opalescents have powers, immortality, well I can’t see your eye color so I can’t see what you are, but I know you are a greif creating monster, because that’s what you did! You reminded me of my past, my life, while trying-pretending-failing, to take pity on me. You keep telling me ‘I’m sorry’ but you should tell that to someone else because I can’t see the colors of ‘I’m sorry’!” He slouched down, catching his breath.
    “Leave. You’ve taken me to the court, you’ve humiliated me, you’ve pained me, you’ve done your job as working for the king.”
    So Iliza did as she was told, leaving the dank prison cell.
Hope ya'll enjoyed! This is in the prospective of a boy who is not ablet to see colors. Here's a little info on the world of eyes if you're confused:

So just a little info on this world: There are four types of people: Normal(Normal eye color, no curses, no powers) like King Wilith, Rival, Zhon, and more. There are Opalescent people, which in that universe are called Alternators because of their immortality and other gifts. (eye color shifts with mood, to fit the definition opalescent. Possesses powers, no curses)  Like the main character, Iliza, Mangia, Lilthi, and Esther. There are Restrained people, people who can only see one shade of each color. (eye color normally pastel or light no powers, curses include CIPA and in rare cases, heart failure, are blinded at a young age) Evja, Riylis,(later in the series only) then there are the monochromatics, the rarest. There are only about twenty in this population of 5.2 billion. They are spread about the colonies but most live in Resrecti as there is a sanctuary for them there (silver eye color, no powers(yet) curses: Not able to see colors, not able to feel emotion from others, but able to display it powerfully on themselves.) Examples include Nieko(name meaning nothing :(       ) and… that’s it in the first book.

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  • kimchi to the max

    I love how you express the coldness and anger of the character through your words!!

    almost 2 years ago