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uhhhh tell me it's not so bad that you want to die after reading it, but it's not so good that you'll remember it at all

gays love writing about icarus

December 2, 2018


(icarus-centered poetry. more to come probably)

you said that you were icarus
and i, the sun and sea
i am the one who fell
you didn't see the irony

you said that you were icarus
while standing yet unscathed
your heat came from my fingertips
mine, the flames in which i bathed

icarus, with wings of wax
fly for just a while
pretend you're still aloft
and that your grimace is a smile

drifting in your lover's grip
only to find it burned
you learned, as you fell, that the pain
was none of his concern
i like rhyming and i hate talent so i make shit poems


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  • ethereal.otherworldly

    shit the title is me

    12 months ago
  • no_ayay

    "marble castle" by @ethereal.otherworldly
    elisa likes icarus too

    12 months ago
  • artificialaorta

    gays love writing about icarus!!!!!!! also that last stanza came into my house and gutted me. wig: snatched!

    12 months ago