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Message to Readers

This is for Early Pearl's contest, which ends Dec 5. Check that out, and enjoy!


December 2, 2018


Easy overworking,
    Confusing clarity,
        Ebony whitness, 
            Powerless gravity,
                Graceless fluidity,
                    Are you confused yet?

Messy order,
    Falling up,
        Kneeling kings,
            Merciful massacre,
                Untold decrees,
                    Have you had enough?

Bloodless wounds,
    Silent speech,
        Seeing blind,
            Dancing lame,
                Confident humility,
                    Can you really understand?

I'm playing mind games with you, reader mine.



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  • Silver Pen

    It's "reader mine." I picked that up from the Destiny video game Grimoire cards.

    over 1 year ago
  • Cloudy

    This is just a thing I don't know if it was supposed to be reader of mine or just reader mine as posted?I love how this is in all.

    over 1 year ago
  • Ponnu

    Wow I love how the presentation grabs the reader's attention and the questions at the end add emphasis - This is awesome!

    over 1 year ago
  • Quille

    There are 17 chapters of Elfboy up now :D Thank you for reading them so far :DD

    over 1 year ago
  • janice

    Contest winners are up!

    over 1 year ago
  • paperbird

    Haha love this

    over 1 year ago
  • Silver Pen

    Two word paradoxes to fill up 50 words. Yah, it got deep.

    over 1 year ago
  • korra4life

    This is so cool! Oh gosh, I had to read that 5 times to really get it

    over 1 year ago