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Red Nose'd Sleigh Ride #Believe

December 2, 2018


My bubbling laugh sent crazy shivers down my spine- or maybe that was just the snow falling in flurries around me. Daniel had just stuck a carrot in our snowman- Bob's nose. I nearly fell on the ground laughing, well, actually I did. I spread my arms out wide and made a scrawny snow-angel. "Hey," I said from the ground. "Maybe Rudolf will see Bob tonight!" I exclaimed.

Daniel's eyes narrowed and he scowled as if he had just tasted a burnt Christmas cookie, bitter and singed. That reminded me I needed to make my own Christmas cookies for Santa, and feed the reindeer too! "Elliot. Listen up." I sat up. "Rudolf isn't real. It's just a figure of imagination. You're ten. It's time you knew the truth." 

I sighed at my brother's stupidity. "Prove it."

"How do you expect an old man to travel around the world and make billions of presents and stuff them into a sack and drag that sack along with his fat body down the chimney?" Daniel sounded furious, I didn't know why, he should just accept the fact he was wrong and I win. But no, Daniel had to get mad over everything. 

"Well, how do you expect Mom and Dad to give that many presents, and he has a super fast sleigh, plus like I said before, Mom and Dad have too little time to be sneaking around at night and dropping presents under our tree. It doesn't seem like them." I thought of another point. "Plus, Dad is allergic to peanuts and we always do peanut cookies, and Mom hates milk-"

"They could throw it out-"

"Yeah. but if they did don't you think I would notice when I opened the trash can-"

"Daniel, Elliot, come inside let's get you to bed before Santa comes!" My mom called. I got to my feet and dashed towards our house, Daniel groaned before following me. 

The night passed quickly and soon I was in bed, my eyes struggling to close. I was impatiently awaiting proving Daniel wrong. Tonight I would go downstairs and see Santa, and take pictures or draw him.

I finally heard the stomping of heavy boots and got up, excited. Daniel- everyone who didn't believe in Santa would soon be proved wrong, and I would be known as the person who saw Santa. I'll be like that person who wrote Polar Express, I'll have seen Santa. 

I crept downstairs quietly and flickered on the lights to see something that forced my heart to skip a beat. 

I know this is bad but I tried, I also tried to make it holiday themed. Hope ya'll enjoy it even though it's bad! :)
Word count: 
425 words 2,288 characters


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  • AbigailSauble

    I wish you'd go on with this!! This was so adorable to read!! I really love it. =)

    about 1 year ago
  • korra4life

    Winners have been announced

    about 1 year ago
  • korra4life

    I think this was cute! I would love to have more of the belief. I don’t feel the emotions as well as I’m sure I can. You’re a good writer with good ideas, don’t doubt yourself.
    If you want, you can edit the piece again, for my contest. Just let me know what you’ll do :D

    over 1 year ago