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Hello there! I am a sixteen year old who believes that books and words are magic .I am born a South African and I live in George but I am also Persian, Brazilian and American ( mostly South African, Persian and Brazillian, though).I enjoy drawing and like to spend time outside. Just lying in the grass looking and listening. I LOVE reding because it transports me to a different world. I can escape from reality anytime I like. The Inkworld triology by Cornelia Funke ,The Waterfire Saga series by Jennifer Donnely and The Icemark by Stuart Hill are my favourite books.
How To Train Your Dragon is the best movie series ever ( and Harry Potter of course!).


December 21, 2018


I have seen many people do this so I thought I would too. I am on  summer holidays   and it will keep me busy :)

So the theme is: How well do you know them?
basically you are going to write a story where your best friend, classmate, mother, father, brother, sister etc. is the main character. You can change their name and appearance but the character MUST be based on them.

Plot Twist!! Your story must take place two hundred years ago. So here's the challenge: do you know this person well enough to guess where they would live what they would do and how they would speak two hundred years ago?

Word limit: I am not going to give one because I know how hard it is to try and cut your stories short.
Due date: 28 December


1st: 3 reviews on pieces of your choice
2nd: 2 reviews
3rd: 1 review

Please comment down below with a link to your piece if you would like to enter and add a #How well do you know them? onto your piece.

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