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War Stories: Chapter Two

December 4, 2018


Edward didn’t like warships. He wish he’d there was a better way to transport troops to Westland, or any combat zone really. But, there he was, on the S.S Kimblee, on his way to possibly a repeat of the Odessian War.

Edward had served in that war. It was the worst experience of his life, and he thought he could leave it all behind. But the Taultics were about to, supposedly, invade Parliamentria’s ally, Westland, so the military had to go there.

At the very least, he didn’t have to actually fight anymore. As a Colonel, he commanded a regiment, and he would be so committed with the business of 1,500 troops, he wouldn’t be able to fight with a squadron anymore, unless, on the very rare chance, there was an emergency. This was great news. He wouldn’t have to kill anyone anymore, he could now be responsible for people’s deaths indirectly.

The idea sounded better in Edward’s head.

Soon, the Westland city of Kerhinet, came into view. It was time for him to begin his non killing time of the war. 


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  • janice

    Contest winners are up!

    10 months ago
  • Lee Fudge

    I need to fix the beginning of this series later.

    10 months ago
  • f l o r a

    im confused, but intrigued by this piece.

    10 months ago