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' "Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet My unfailing love for you will not be shaken, nor My covenant of peace be removed," says the LORD.' ~ Isaiah 54:10

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How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. ~ Winnie the Pooh


December 1, 2018


The room was cold. 
   Biting winter air breezed through my open screen window. Even if I wanted to, I wouldn't close it. 
I was afraid to fall asleep. Afraid to face the demons that permeated each dream. Afraid that if I fell too deeply into another nightmare, I might not wake up out of it. 
   Sitting up at the head of my bed, the cold wall prickly to my back, I clutched a blanket against my face. It was the one my grandma had made for me when I was a baby. It helped me to sleep.
   But not tonight.
   From the first moment I stepped into my bedroom after dinner, I'd felt a blood-freezing presence. 
It was just there. And that was the worst part of it. 
   Not knowing where it was. 
It could be under the bed, or in the closet, or even between my mattress and the sheet. And so I was at vigil, scrutinizing every corner, every shadow. 
   The lavender hanging from my ceiling stretched out like a hand waiting to snatch me away. 
   The hand-painted mug on my dresser was a curling fist. Any moment, I expected two glowing yellow eyes to peek above its rim. 
   These demons taunted me. 
Around midnight, my eyelids sagged. I could no longer keep the weariness out. No matter how much wind blew onto my face. 
   "Are you asleep yet, little one?" 
I jerked awake. My eyes widened with the reality of it. Someone -it- had spoken. 
   Words stopped in my throat; I shrunk into the comforting warmth of my blanket. 
There was a deep-throated chuckle from...where? It seemed to come from everywhere. Behind my dresser, underneath my desk, from the ceiling. 
   I trembled in fear. 
"Don't try to hide from me. It won't work." A black shadow rose up from the floor. 
   A sob tore from my throat; my gray eyes were frantically searching for a way out. 
Please God, help me. 
   Then I remembered the Bible sitting on my nightstand. The one from my parents, inscribed with love
I hesitated what felt like an eternity before reaching over and snatching it up into my arms. 
   The figure before me stilled as though in shock, then let out another laugh. 
"Think that book will save you?" It spoke with scorn. 
   I couldn't move; my hands shook as I clutched the Bible.
"The person in the sky is a mere figment of your overactive imagination. A myth. A legend. Whimsical. He can do nothing for you." 
   I held my breath before speaking. "The LORD is my shield, and my deliverer, my stronghold." It came out as a whisper. 
The demon flinched as though in agony, but quickly regained its intimidating composure. "You are so naive. You want a taste of real power?" It took a step forward, swallowing two more feet of the floor. 
"Dear God in heaven, hallowed be Your name!" I hid my face behind the Bible, holding it out like a shield in front of me. 
   "You DARE speak that name again?!" The shadow thickened in anger. Huge hands groped out towards me. 
"God! Help me, help me, HELP ME!" It came out in a wild scream. 
   With a final roar, the room went silent. 
I waited for the hands to claw at me, but they never did. 
   Slowly, I lifted my head to peek around at my bedroom. The demon was gone.
And strangely, I wasn't scared anymore. 
   The threatening presence was gone; replaced by the feel of warm arms surrounding me. 
And at last I slept. 
   With no nightmares. 
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  • Mary Wall

    Thanks for doing my prompt, Abigail! This is SO good!

    over 2 years ago
  • Victoria Penning

    Wow.... That took my breath away...... O_O It's incredible!!!! The emotions, the descriptions of the darkness... everything was perfect! And, it made the end even more glorious when the character cries out to God for help. :D You did an AMAZING job with this!!!! :D

    over 2 years ago
  • korra4life

    You're welcome!

    over 2 years ago
  • AbigailSauble

    Aww.....:D :D Thanks so much!!

    over 2 years ago
  • korra4life

    So... I read this earlier but I didn't comment because I was very 'shook.' I had to take a moment and digest my thoughts before coming back to it, XD.
    This is an absolutely AMAZING piece and I love, love, love it. I find it incredible how you were able to capture the moment so perfectly. This is great just the way it is. Great job!

    over 2 years ago