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This World

December 2, 2018


“Could you imagine,” I murmur into my lap, forehead resting on the edge of the desk.
I can feel her eyes on me, filled with worry. She probably thinks I’m insane. I probably am insane. “If everyone in the world were just kind to one another?”
She doesn’t say anything for a moment. This is unusual for her. She always has some words of wisdom that sound a billion times more intelligent than whatever bullshit I happen to spit out. But today, she says nothing, so I continue.
“What if people just accepted each other? All the religions and identities and whatever. Even if we think they’re nuts. Just pure tolerance for the way others choose to lead their lives. Imagine it.”
I watch her shift out of the corner of my eye. She heaves a sigh.
“Honey, in an ideal world things would be that way.”
Honey. She always calls me “honey”. I think about that a lot.
“This world isn’t ideal, though,” I say, lifting my forehead and instead laying my cheek on the cold, hard desk so I can see her face. “This world is fucking crazy.”
Just a short little excerpt from something I've been (not actually, but wanting to be) working on. Let me know what you think of it <3


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  • nolongeractive122343

    korra4life, thank you! <3

    about 2 years ago
  • korra4life

    I like this! Great job with conveying so much in so little words

    about 2 years ago