I like words.

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I did not proofread, nor did I think.

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December 1, 2018


Stop me for the one minute I know you want to spare.
Let the words not stop, my sweet,
Let your heart be of truth
Just for this one moment.
Go back to the denial after now
As I know you treasure it more than the rest,
But here you are safe;
Your secrets are safe with me.
I will leave it to reside in my heart
As you know I am as you.
My heart is not transparent;
Your secrets will not be either.
Just let it all out:
All the words I know you're dying to speak.
Tell me,
For who else will aid you
But for your own conscience?
Tell me, for I am you;
There is not one soul that would understand you better than yourself.
So just be honest
At least only with me,
At least only with yourself.


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