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Tick Tock - Scary

December 1, 2018


Once a girl named Reily was invited to her friend's house for a sleepover. When she arrived, her friend's parents told Reily that they would be sleeping in the guest room. The host girl was annoyed that they couldn't sleep in her own room but when the mother replied with: "Your aunt and uncle are coming, they're gonna sleep in your room because the bed is bigger." The girl sighed and dragged herself and Reily to the guest room. 

"This is our boring guest room," She'd pointed out. Reily didn't think it was boring, the room was painted sky blue and right in front of the bed was an old grandfather clock. 

The night passed quickly and soon the girls were asleep at ten. 

Reily woke when she heard a child's voice somewhere in the room. It sounded as if it was in the clock. 

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Ten more minutes 'til twelve o'clock. 

She nudged her friend, not wanting to wake her up, but the girl groaned and rolled over. Reily found sleep as well. 

Then the girl's voice was heard again and it woke Reily up quickly.
Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Five more minutes 'til twelve o'clock.

It was a haunting voice and Reily didn't think she could sleep with this going on all night. She sat up in bed. 

She was thinking for the next three minutes until the girl sang again. 

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Two more minutes 'til twelve o'clock. 

The voice was really starting to freak Reily out. Without waking up her friend she ran out of the guest room and even out of the house, afraid the voice would repeat itself wherever she was. 

When she woke up in her own bed the next day, she went downstairs to see her mother looking sadly at a newspaper. "Reily," She called sadly. "You know the friend's house you were sleeping at? They had a huge fire at that house and no one was able to put it out. All the people in the family had been in 'some sort of a trace.'" she read of the paper. 

Reily was struck with sadness and...fear as her mom read the last note. 

"The only thing still standing was their grandfathers clock."

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. You're out of time it's twelve o'clock. 

Hope ya'll enjoyed! Thanks for reading and PLEASE leave a comment or like it means so much when you do :)


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1 Comment
  • Ryder

    Wow! That was a cool little story, I really like it! :}
    God bless!

    10 months ago