I spit out words onto an innovation called paper hoping they all make sense...
I'm short.
so-called "depressant writer"

Message to Readers

Just a poem I was wanting to write from a long time.
Feedbackkkkkkk isssss greatlyyyyyy apreciatedddd!


December 1, 2018


I'll admit my heart's artificial,
but that doesn't mean I have no feelings.
You make it seem as if it were a big deal,
as if I have no emotions.
As if I'm a human slave,
here to do all your work.
You treat me like
an unfamiliar person;
even though I've known you all 
from first grade.
You never care about
my thoughts;
you're too concerned with your looks
and flawless features.

All the makeup you put on every morning;
it's all fake;
it's all artificial.
All the stories you conjure up
to impress others;
they're all fake.
Remember all the false deceits you spread,
owning all those techy gadgets
and four houses?
Well, they're all lies.
All of them.
All fake excuses that make me seem poor.
all artificial reasons for you to bully me.
If you guys can all be fake, 
why am I tortured
for my artificial heart?
For my glass eye,
that can still cry
from all the pain you make me endure?
It wasn't like you were born perfect;
and neither am I.
Why can't you let me be artificial too,
like all the other billion others,
peacefully living their artificial lives?

But this world will always be fake;
For it is
and will eternally be
a r t i f i c i a l.



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  • Made4Love

    So deep and relatable!

    I'm short, too! :)

    over 1 year ago
  • Quille

    This is really thought-provoking. I love the figurative language and word choices that you use! :DD Very good :DD

    over 1 year ago