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My cousin was born with HLHS, a certain heart condition where basically the left side of her heart didn't develop properly. Her birthday was yesterday. She would've been three.

The Turtle

July 22, 2019


A bright green turtle,
With brown and white checkered across the shell, 
And big eyes that seemed to hold the whole world inside.
When I saw this small stuffed animal,
Waiting patiently for me in the store,
My thoughts drifted
To the newborn baby I’d soon meet,
The one who held all her limbs in the air,
As if they were not held down by gravity,
Like a turtle flipped on its back.

I thought it was the perfect gift
For the little baby who hated her breathing tube,
And had to have it taped to her face so it would stay in.
Maybe it would give her hands something else to do.
This little stuffed animal was bigger than her head,
So by her head it stayed,
Watching over her even when I had to go back home.

It was painful, then,
When the turtle was handed back to me,
Just two months after she was born.


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