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Hello people! A little about me:
I am a person (I think)
I am from earth (maybe)
I like words (DEFINITELY)
I enjoy doing activities that require physical exertion (PAIN!)
And now you know who I am!

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Is it possible to fall in love with a character you created?

The book who fell in love with her reader

November 30, 2018


    He was the first to care. Others, cruel and unkind, had ripped and torn me, treated me like a commonplace object. Threw me on the floor. His fingers, light as baby's breat, gently cradle my brokenness, healing the rips. Slowly, he reads my story. His eyes are beautiful. I forget everything and live for when he comes. But my pages are dwindling, and I dread when he will see the end and leave me behind.
Inspired by the prompt from Mary Wall's piece, the Fourth Wall, which you can find at her profile.


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  • Mary Wall

    I don't think I've posted a piece titled " The Fourth Wall". But good job anyway!!

    11 days ago
  • Early Pearl

    I love this concept! It’s such a cool idea to explore. I have a set of pieces kind of like this one that I’m publishing right now, if you want to read them. :)

    17 days ago
  • Writer'sblock

    I really like your word choice, and think you have a the beginning to an amazing story here. I would add a little bit more in the beginning about who the book is, but I really like it. I think that it has a lot of emotion and separate meanings to it. Great job!

    17 days ago