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By: The Dreamer


They say the most beautiful flowers bloom last.

Have you ever wondered what makes them so beautiful?
It's the fact that all the other flowers have either fallen off the tree, or are busy wilting.
So, of course, when a tree is bare whatever flower blooms will be seen as the most beautiful.

These flowers may have beauty but they don't have something very important: friendship.
They are all alone.

So when another late flower blooms nearby..
it opens wider,
flourishes  with life,
it now has a voice,
a heart.

She will no longer shed tears of sweet nectar,
nor will she hang her head in grief.
Instead the two lonely flowers will shed their petals
-- together.

So fear not little flower,
for we are all flowers in one garden and flowers will always bloom around us.
Sometimes you will have to be alone,
but never lose hope,
because  just beyond that ivy- covered wall
is another bare tree,


Message to Readers

This was just a thought I had, one of those moments of wonder. I hope it makes sense.......and enjoy!

Peer Review

This is such a gorgeous piece! It has a great message and it's told beautifully.

Like I highlighted at the beginning, I would love to know where the phrase "the most beautiful flowers bloom last" comes from. Otherwise, some of the highlighted phrases and words are what I think could be fixed. :)

Reviewer Comments

Beautiful!! It's such an amazing piece, and I think that it does make sense. ;)