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By: zoboe3


I’ve never really been “skinny”
I’ve never had a big chest
But when I was little
I would always get complimented on my eyes
And my hair
Being told that they were beautiful
Or as one person said,
And I would take the compliment
Because I was used to it
But now that I’m older
I never get compliments anymore
Even the two things that I thought
Were my best features
Don’t get acknowledged
I thought I should’ve gotten more compliments
But I didn’t
The only time my butt was a decent size
Was when I was fatter
And I was fatter because
When I was little
I didn’t know how to deal with anything
Anything being the blood curdling thoughts
And memories that seeped into my mind
As if from the smoke I would inhale at my grandmother’s house
Or from the cigar my step father would taste every once in a while
And because of that food was my resort
And I would never get a compliment
I would be thankful if I did
I was hoping that one day
I would finally have that growth spurt everyone talks about
So I could grow in height
And my stomach would finally flatten out
At least a small amount just to get me started
So I could finally feel as if I did something right for once
But that never happened
And I am still four foot eleven because of it
I would’ve gotten compliments
But it never happened
I get teased a lot because of these things
Or I did until I finally lost a few pounds on my own
But that’s okay
Because every once in a while
When I really start to pour my feelings out
And feel that sting in my eyes that appears for no good reason
I get those spontaneous one or two people
That give me the compliment
That helps me from feeling anymore numb
Than I already do
And I’ll take the compliments
And cherish them like I never have before

Peer Review

I love the ending; you saying that you cherish your compliments.

You said at the end that you would get the "spontaneous one or two people," who would compliment you. Maybe specify what those spontaneous one or two compliments are? Like, give an example?

Reviewer Comments

This is really well written. And don't you ever feel like you are fat, or short, or overweight, or ugly, because I guarantee you that YOU ARE NOT. You are PERFECT and AMAZING just the way you are!

**Also, if any of my comments didn't make sense, please let me know and I will try to further explain!