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Army Song of a Country I Made Up

By: Lee Fudge


We fight for the citizens of our nation,
We fight for her territories!
We fight to aid our brethren,
Throughtout the world!

Godspeed soilders!
Fight for country!
Godspee soilders!
Fight for your family!

If we don’t fight,
Who take up a just cause?
Who will fight,
For the lives that were lost?

So, Godspeed soilders!
Fight for the world’s unity!
Godspeed soilders!
Fight because no one else will!

Message to Readers

Any feedback is great.

Peer Review

I like the "Fight because no one else will!" part. It gave a lot of emotion to this piece.

I think this is great. Maybe make it a little longer, but writing a poem like this is HARD! I know it is difficult, keep writing!

Reviewer Comments

There were some spelling mistakes, but nobody is perfect. One thing that was a little distracting from the beauty of the writing was the exclamation marks. Maybe a little less, but overall good job!