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Choose Kind

November 29, 2018

Once the World was different. Not different in the way of strange, or odd. The world was full of compassion and love. Of kind words, and kind thoughts. It was safe. A place that you shouldn't feel afraid. The world was home. Plants thrived, the Earth was filled with color. But soon, the world filled with negativity. Slowly, one thought spread amongst everyone. They passed it on, that negative thought. They spoke it to one another, they thought about it, they dwelled. People branched off of this negative thought, creating disliking, which created hate. The world became polluted, too hot, too cold, no longer sure of its self... we are no longer sure of the Earth. This all spread, until the world was filled with hate. To this day, there are those who choose to resemble the unkind spirit that has plagued our world, yet there are those who decide to push past it. The ones who know how one bad thing, can spread, and ruin someone else's sunny day. 


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