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The Names I Am Given

January 29, 2016

PROMPT: All in a Name

My mother thought I was going to be a baby boy. She was going to name me Jagger after her favorite soap opera character. I feel like Jagger would have fit me more than the name she dubbed me when I surprised her as a girl. It took her two hours to name me. She wanted to keep the name Jagger but my grandma who was a nurse at the hospital talked her out of it and refused to let her. I wish she would have. Can you imagine attendance or introductions. I GOT THE MOVES LIKE JAGGER. But no. A lady down the hall had named her son Jordan. So she decided to name me after him and that's how I got the name Jordyn. It was a common name not meaning much. Mostly just a River and a Country. Nothing special. I ended up being in a class with at least one other Jordan and people got confused and no matter what my name is always spelled wrong and auto-correct hates it with a passion.

One day my little cousin who couldn't pronounce my name came with my mom to pick me up from middle school and shouted Jojo when she saw me. And from that day on I was known as Jojo by my peers.  

On the summer before freshman year I joined the swim team and my friend told me I was named after a river so there was no doubt I would be good at swimming. And I was. And from then on I was also known as Jordan River.

On the first day of freshman year my friend taught me how to say "I am a horny Unicorn" in sign language and dared me to go out front where the buses were and shout that. And that was how I found a new group of friends. Who would call me The Horny Unicorn or The Unicorn at random points in my life.

One day during junior year I made a tiger out of cork and wore it on my neck every day through senior year and made an Instagram called Metaltiger. From then on my best friends called me Tiger.

To this day all of my acquaintances and friends call me Jojo. To this day all of my bestfriends call me tiger. To this day my old swim team mates call me River. To this day the family I joined my freshman year will see me around town and yell Unicorn and give me presents of random things with unicorns made into them. To this day my name is still Jordyn. I wouldn't change it for the world.


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