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“Again” ICBY Short Story

November 29, 2018


I want to say “I can’t believe you to her”, but what would she say? Is she still even there? She’s doing her best, am I the jerk here?

No, she is. I’ve came back to her work everyday. We talk sometimes, she should know my preferences by now. What, does she forget what I get every single day, like she has the memory of a goldfish?

I sigh, and pick up the bun to look again.

The fast food lady put mayonnaise on my burger again.


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  • AminahMcBina

    This was so fun reading!
    Like I order the same thing EVERY TIME! And each time I order, let's say fries, "NO KETCHUP!" And they go, "here's your ketchup." Really?

    Well done on this, and thanks for entering my contest! Good luck!


    12 months ago
  • Lee Fudge


    12 months ago
  • korra4life

    This is so relatable! Oh my gosh, it's so frustrating whenever I go to the same place to order the same thing, and, despite the fact that it's the same person every time, they continue to get my order wrong. In the movies, it seems as if waiters/waitresses always remember your orders, but they don't!

    12 months ago