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A huge Harry Potter fan
mix of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw
I love to write, write, write
Again huge HP fan
I love fantasy,
Well, um, I'm 13. Not 14 yet....
Excited for high school, going to be there soon!

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Don't ever give up writing
Writing is a beautiful art, and if you're interested
don't give up
Every word
Every sentence
and Every story you write
creates something great for everyone to enjoy.
So please don't give up,
and take pride in your writing.

#ICBYShortStory JA

November 29, 2018


I stared, hurt. How could she just... She had no right to do this to me. How could she betray me? How could she betray the family? Mama would throw her out of the house. 18 years we've been in hiding. 18 years we've carefully lived our lives, watching for the slightest recognition, sneaking through the markets. Perfina couldn't do this.
"Perfina," I said coldly.
"Damsel," she responded, without flinching. Her eyes betrayed everything. She always was afraid of me. It didn't stop her from calling me Mama's pet. I couldn't stand to look at her. I couldn't stand to see my face staring back at me, except with the birthmark on the left, knowing that this face betrayed my family. 
"I can't believe you. You sold us to Satelle. Packaged us like a gift, won his favor. Is that why you did it? To be in his barbaric court?"



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  • AminahMcBina

    Interesting. This would definitely turn out to be a great story!! Well done!

    Thanks for entering my contest! Good luck!

    over 1 year ago