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Angela Soria

United States

A mediocre writer has appeared what do you do??

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Welcome to this place on the internet, hope you enjoy your visit and well *awkward shrug* have fun.


February 16, 2016

PROMPT: All in a Name

Angela a name unique in its normality, and blunt in its softness. Is my purpose to be this kind and calm person or a rebel like my father Angel. "A messenger of a god"  that's the urban dictionary  definition of my name but is that what I am. I don't feel like I was sent here for a purpose or to deliver anything other than a smile that I don't want to give, well actually a smile that I'm no longer willing to hand out. It seems that every time I'm at peace or my happiest someone will just come along with the intent on tearing me down. A young Angela would take that situation and try to get an outcome where both I and that person would be happy. An old Angela now knows that sometimes that is not the best solution because their friendliness will get mistaken for feelings of love and they'll be thrown back into the hell they've just crawled through. Again, and again this sweet nature of an Angela is its greatest weakness and it's the strongest weapon, it will also probably lead us to death. his sweet nature sometimes causes us to spin lies with the only thread of kindness we save turning us blind leaving the truth in a painting of gray. 


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