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Hey I'm a seventeen year old aspiring writer and horse trainer! I'm homeschooled and I love serving my God! I enjoy writing, reading, riding my mares, and any kind if sewing or embroidery!

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Any and all thoughts welcome! Please let me know what you think! Can you guess the word I am describing?

One Small Word, Four Little Letters

November 29, 2018


One small word,
Four little letters.
Yet it holds so much, that one word has the power to tear down and build up. It is behind mans’ greatest triumphs and biggest mistakes.

One small word,
Four little letters.
Many have laughed at the tales of its power, only to fall before it. Many have fled it, more have sought it, yet it remains ever elusive. Listening to none, it causes and calms chaos in turn.

One small word,
Four little letters.
The power that many search for, others despise, and all secretly long for. The power that none can tame. Fiercer then a thousand lions, gentler then the smallest butterfly. One of the greatest, if not thee greatest, mysteries of life.

One small word,
Four little letters.
So insignificant, yet it can change the course of the world in a single heartbeat.

One small word.
Four little letters.
This is a paragraph that is in a story I am writing. I really liked how it sounded so I changed it a bit to share with all of you! I hope you enjoyed it! Did you guess the word before I said it?


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  • Ryder

    I guessed it!
    This is such a cool poem!

    BTW, I saw in your profile your a horse trainer! I absolutely LOVE horses, and can't wait to get one!

    over 1 year ago
  • AnxiousPanda

    This truly shows how much a word can contain! I love it.

    over 1 year ago