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Message to Readers

I have worked really hard on this. It is a response to a prompt my friend created for me. You can find this one, and more prompts, on my website.
Thank you! I hope you enjoy.

The Life of Death

November 28, 2018


    I didn't want to die. I didn't expect it. I certainly didn't know getting rid of my power would kill me. I chuckled to myself. There I was, wherever that may have been, as a dead Healer. The irony of it made me laugh. I hadn't realized giving up my power for Mae would actually be the equivalent of suicide. And that it would turn my sister into a Destroyer. What a delightful situation! 
    I ventured past the blue bricks that created a small shape under my feet. The misty white "floor" was sturdy, but I was cautious. I walked for what seemed like an eternity, trapped inside my own mind. Alone. Soon after I stopped pinching myself out of anxiety (it's a habit), a masked figure appeared. Too close. We were virtually nose to nose. 
    "Welcome to the afterlife." I hazarded a guess at male, his voice didn't seem to be female.
    "My greetings," I replied. Didn't hurt to be polite
    "Viel Raver, my name is Death."
    "Death?" I didn't question his knowing of my name. If he was Death, he'd know. 
    "You are quick to make assumptions," he said, amusement hinted in his voice.
    "About your knowing of my name?"
Could he really read minds?
He laughed.
    "You have much to learn, apprentice."
    How could I have been apprenticed by Death? I was a world renowned Healer! I didn't murder people, I cured them. Fate truly was cruel. Death is said to have been the first Destroyer. No living person knew how he, or any Destroyer, was created. I found out, in death. Only Healers can create Destroyers, and when they did they died. Who could have created Death? Then, something stopped my thinking. If Death needed an apprentice.... this couldn't have been the first Death. This one must have been the apprentice of the apprentice of the apprentice... And I was next? How could I possibly be trained to be Death?
    "Our first session will begin now," he drawled.
I nodded, unable to move. I, a grown man, was incredibly close to tears. Death spoke.
    "Your job, today, may be incredibly difficult. I am told that Healers love and cherish family."
What did he mean?
"Take this."
He handed me a worn stick. When I grasped it, sparks flew out. I had never seen anything quite like it. As if reading my mind, again, Death said,
    "Only Death possesses this device. No living creature has every seen or knows of it. It is a Rolmatidon. In fact, the Rolmatidon."
    "Sorry?," I asked.
    "Rolmatidon. You must use it to kill the one you love the most."
Mae. The answer came to me immediately. How could I kill her? What was this cruelty? Mae was the sole purpose of my life. I was born a Healer, what she always wanted to be. I did everything for her. My whole life was dedicated to her. My sister meant the world to me. Wasn't it bad enough I'd turned her into the opposite of what she wanted to be? 
"TAKE IT," his voice boomed.
What did I have to lose by not taking it. I stood there, frozen.
    "Believe me, I can do worse to you than death. Do it."
I took it. Mae appeared before my eyes. She looked at me, smiling sadly with tears held back. Like she knew what was coming. Like she was forgiving me for it. 
"STOP!" Death was advancing on me.
He took off his hood to reveal his face. 
The shocked face that stared back at me....


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  • .audrey michelle.


    that was too many s's...


    i loved this!!! need more :D

    over 1 year ago
  • Opal Drop

    Thank you timtam.9. Johanna, I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Could you elaborate please. Thank you both for your reads!

    over 1 year ago
  • Johanna


    over 1 year ago
  • timtam.9

    I don’t know how but that twist when death said “You have much to learn apprentice” made me gasp. I think everyone around me was really confused. This was amazing, really entertaining!

    over 1 year ago