United States


April 3, 2019


There's tumult on the street
Be careful not to be beat 
By the rowdy neighbors 
Your place is with the rest of the laborers 

While vehement pandemoniums surround the houses
Make sure to protect the satin blouses
Hand them in without a stain
Or the snobby daughters will complain 

When you turn in your keys and lock the door
Don't make a sound while they snore
Otherwise, you face the consequence 
No more money, no more rent 

Don't get caught with your hands in your pockets
Or else the authorities will start submitting dockets 
On your way back from work, on the rest of the long trek back
Make sure you're with friends, there's always a possibility of being sacked 

Friends worn by time welcome you home
The rest of your family are no more
But it's all okay, close your eyes to sleep 
Only the weak have time to weep 

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