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Message to Readers

I told you guys I would make a series! So this is a companion poem to my piece Mr. Star. I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think!

The Lamp

November 27, 2018



I found the lamp
The one
With the genie inside.
He wasn't blue,
He was...
But visible.

I rubbed the lamp
And he didn't pop out
Like everything says.
He kind of floated
Through the lamp
And then sat
On the air.

I asked about the wishes,
He said I had three,
I asked if I could hand them
One to each person
Who wasn't me.

He said,
I admire your compassion
But that's not the way it works.
I'm sorry if I can't bend the rules.

I nodded and said,
Then here are my wishes
Not for me
But instead
Someone else
Who needs wishes one
And Three.

So he nodded.
I said:

1. Give one little kid who has no mom
No dad
No one to love them,
Give that little kid
A warm home
And someone who loves them.

2. Pick one kid
Who has almost nothing to give
But keeps giving,
Give them something,
Like food,
And hope.

3. Pick one kid
Who has dreams
To be a doctor
Or a teacher
Or something,
And give them school
Give them a way to fulfill their dreams.

There are my wishes
I told him.

He nodded,
And wiped a misty tear.
He said,
People like you
Are the ones
Who deserve to wish,
They don't wish for themselves
Or for trivial things,
They wish for things
Beyond them,
Things they may never see
Come to pass.
Don't stop wishing
When you are
No longer

His eyes were glassy
As I walked off.

I will never forget
When I found the lamp
With the genie inside.
Neither will he.
Or the three kids
Who I know found hope,
Even if I won't ever know them.


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