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December Dreams

November 27, 2018

Montanna Pruitt
December Dreams
    Ever since my childhood, Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. It made me feel like anything I wanted would be given to me because of the time of year. My whole family forced themselves to always be happy and share love during this time which is what I looked forward to the most. The biggest gift of all topped the things I put on my list. The joy and the unity of my family came to be the only thing I was happy about that couldn’t be wrapped in paper and placed under the tree.
    The time I asked for a play kitchen for Christmas, turned out to be the same time I found out that Santa didn’t exist. I found myself lying in bed on a Christmas Eve night, and I had been so excited that I couldn’t sleep. My siblings had said previously, that he didn’t exist. It became a thought in the back of my mind, but I didn’t completely believe it. Of course, at some point I had to realize it on my own. So, while I lied wide awake in bed, I heard a noise in the kitchen. My mind told me to get up and creep my way to the living room to investigate. Once I got up, it appeared to be dark so I closed my eyes and felt my way to the door. Once I opened the door, I crawled down the hall to the dining room, and I saw that the kitchen light was on, and the television straight ahead in the living room was on. So, I thought someone must be awake. Low and behold, my dad and mom were in the living room, awake wrapping gifts, and my dad was in the corner hammering together my play kitchen. It  at this exact moment that a piece of my childhood was no longer alive.
    When I was twelve years old, my family experienced a loss. No one died, but my family split up, well my parents did. That entire year, we had the weirdest holidays. Birthdays lasted longer. You celebrated with one parent, and then the next weekend you did it again with another parent. Having the idea that we wouldn’t be able to be in the same place to share love and joy during this time caused me to feel crushed. My childhood and the memories that were held within it had escaped. Just like, the time I figure out that santa didn’t exist. I hadn’t been completely surprised, but of course I became affected in a negative way. There are things that I grew up with that were taken away as life progressed. My feelings towards this holiday were no longer the same, because of the events that took place as I grew older.
    The first year of a divided family became difficult. On the week of Christmas, I became anxious of the idea that one of my parents would have to spend the holiday alone. My mom knew that there could be a chance she might have to give us our gifts earlier, so the day of would be spent with our dad. Me being the hopeful child that I am, I suggested that we all come to one house on Christmas and spend it together like always. They weren’t against the idea, because December is month of the year  that anything you want could come to life. My biggest cause of anxiety had disappeared because this time of year only accepted the idea of love and family.
    The morning of Christmas, I slept over at my dad’s house. At around midnight, my mom came over and we spent hours watching movies and baking cookies. Being that everyone in the house knew that Santa didn’t exist, gave us every reason to eat and drink the cookies and milk ourselves. I fell asleep for an hour on the couch, and woke up to my dad’s voice whispering that it was time to open our gifts. I woke up to my family sitting around the fireplace, ripping open gifts. When I opened my eyes, my gift sat right in front of me, my entire family in one place spreading love and joy amongst one another. As I slid my way from the couch to the floor, my mom dispersed the gifts to all of us. After that, time passed to sunrise and time to go to bed for a few hours. When I woke up, mom prepared breakfast.
    December is the time of year where you can always give the gift of giving. The biggest gift you can ever receive is the gift of love and joy. I always make sure that love is shared. This is the most important aspect of the holidays to me. Making sure of these aspects can truly affect your family. Love and joy were the two gifts that my family used as unity. I’m grateful for my family and the things we share. This time of year is important for us because we can always count on this to bring us together. The best part about that is you can’t write that down on a list of things you want. It’s the gift that just keeps giving.


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