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Race For The Kingdom (Part 1)

May 14, 2019


Here's a summary: 

Scarlett has grown up as a noble's daughter, although her parents haven't been present in her life as they died when she was little. Her family has a genetic disease called Boschers, and almost all men in her family have it. When she finds out her uncle, the King of Markham has died, she also knows that she is the only one able to take the throne. Until a long-lost family member steps into the picture and threatens to steal it from her. Will she be able to win the race for the kingdom?

Race for the Kingdom

The carriage was a pale blue with silver designs on the sides in shapes like swirls. The front platform where the driver was sitting was pure silver, and the back tray where our bags sat was also silver. The ropes that the driver was holding was a fine silver rope which I knew had cost my parents a fortune. Attached to the rope were our horses, Mysteria and Klondie.

My horse Mysteria was white with black and grey spots on her neck and some other spots scattered throughout her fine coat. She had a black muzzle and really was a majestic horse. Meanwhile, Klondie who was Tristen’s horse was brown also with a black muzzle and seemed very contrasting standing next to Mysteria.

“Ready to go, Madam?” the driver asked. He was quite young, probably only a year or so older than me. He had brown hair and shining bright blue eyes. In fact, he was quite handsome. I didn’t recognize him and I assumed that he was one of the servant’s children. Usually when one of the servants was ready to retire one of their children would take their place.

Suddenly I realized that he was talking to me and that I had been staring and I quickly replied, “Yes, we are ready.”
Tristen and I then got into the carriage, which could hold up to four people. We sat across from each other, with him having his back to the driver’s platform. Inside the carriage was just as nice as outside, and I was a bit unfamiliar with this one. We had several carriages and this one was used for special occasions.

Anyway, the cushions that we sat on were pale blue and quite soft. On the roof above us there was a lantern for light, and in front and behind me there were windows to see outside as well as shades to cover them. There was also a small window on the door to the carriage as well as a bigger window to my right.

Looking around I wondered how four people could fit in this carriage since it probably couldn’t be done comfortably. It was quite tight, but if I had wanted to lay down and sleep I could.
Soon the carriage started moving at quite a fast pace since it would take at least two days to reach the castle. I found myself staring out the window as we left Southside Manor, the place I had grown up in. It really was big when you saw it from the outside, four stories tall with three towers in the front and two in the back. As we passed the stables I also saw ten of the horses looking out at us. Somehow I knew that this would be one of my last peaceful moments for a long time.

The ride went smoothly, and although the handsome driver insisted we stop for us to stay in an inn we ended up sleeping in the carriage and just taking a shortstop for the horses to rest. Before we got back into the carriage I asked him if there was something better than I could call him and he paused for a moment before whispering “No one ever uses my name, but if you would like you may call me Jacob.”

And so I did since it seemed much better than anything else I could call him. And then I drifted off to sleep.
The next day slid by smoothly, and in the morning Jacob traded spots with another man who was older than him by five years or so. Then finally, after a long time of driving, I could see the castle in the distance.
It rose up higher into the sky than I remembered it, and it looked grander than last time I had seen it, which was a few years ago when King Timmy had invited Tristen and I over to play with Marvin. That was the only time I had seen Marvin, and at the time he was probably around two. I had seen King Timmy last year though when he came to visit Southside Manor.

The castle was all white, although since it was quite old it was a little off-white but from a distance, it shined in the fall sun. Lots of towers were attached to it, probably filled with unnecessary rooms that have probably only been used a few times.
Even though the wall blocked about half of the castle it was still quite huge.

As we got closer I could see the huge wooden gates to enter the castle grounds, and the guards in front of them let us through. After that Tristen and I got out while our carriage, as well as a carriage that held some of the servants that had been behind us, went to the stables.

We were escorted by castle staff across the front lawn of the castle where everything was bustling. It was a Saturday, and it seemed that some sort of market was happening where people were selling all sorts of things from foods to different items. We walked past it all until we came to the drawbridge that led into the castle which was lowered and commonfolk people walked through the grand entrance hall.

I guess that my messenger whom I had sent to announce our arrival had made it here because of all of the commoners who came up to greet us and bow, addressing us in our full names.

We were practically swarmed until one of the castle servants came up to us and asked if we would like to go to our rooms and
change into formal wear. I nodded and she led to a set of white marble stairs which were guarded by two men. The woman nodded at them and they let us through.

We had to walk up another two sets of stairs after that one before a man came up behind us and told Tristen to follow him.
Then I found myself following my servant down a long hallway to what I recognized as the room I had stayed in last time I was here. “This is your room, Lady Scarlett,” she told me. “Would you like me to help you pick out a dress?”

“Yes please,” I told her as I ran into the room. It was absolutely beautiful, and bigger than my room at Southside Manor. It was a tower room that must have been one of the big ones because the first room was huge, with a big, pink bed in the middle of it that had a fluffy white blanket on top and what seemed like a hundred pillows. In an area to the left of the bed, there was a sitting area with two silver couches facing each other as well as two armchairs making a rectangle. In the middle of them, there was a glass table.

On the right of the room there was a big white desk with drawers filled with paper and on top different statues and trinkets put there to look nice. There was also a nice white stool. Also above the bed and all around the room there were tall windows that let in light.

On the right side of the room, there was also a curving marble staircase that wound its way up the tower to a second floor, and I climbed it. Upstairs was were bathroom and closet were, with the bathroom on the right and a huge walk-in closet taking up the rest of the room.

I could barely believe my eyes at all the close inside of it. They were all my size, and had been replaced and were different from the ones that had been here last time I had come. There was also a sitting bench and a bunch of racks that had fancy shoes and such as well as a beautiful vanity.

The servant had picked out a dress and showed it to me. It was silky at the top and puffy at the bottom, all though a layer of silk covered the puffiness. It also had gold flowers on the top half. The bottom was the same color as the top but also had traces of gold in it. Overall it was astonishingly beautiful, better than any dress I had ever worn.

“What can I call you?” I asked the servant as she helped me slide the dress on.

“Whatever you’d like, madam.”

I shook my head. “What is your name?” Part of me wondered why I had been asking this question to some of my servants but I didn’t know why. I guess maybe it would help them feel a little better than just a normal servant.

She sighed, and I guess must have thought it was a direct command so she didn’t question it. “Maria.” Then she helped me put on some white leggings and shiny silver shoes.

“You may stay in your room if you’d like,” she told me after she was done with my outfit. “But I suggest that you go and great your people. There will be an announcement at five o’clock tonight and the funeral carriage will be sent off.”

I nodded and dismissed her, walking downstairs and towards my brother’s room. A few minutes later he walked out the door and we both started to descend the stairs.


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