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Changing Moon: A Werewolf Story (Chapter 6)

November 26, 2018


Thought I forgot, didn't ya!

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    Early the morning of the moon, I was at Angel’s house. Angel had a luxurious house, tall ceiling to floor French window, silk, champagne colored curtains, and curved cherry stairs. Her house was magnificent! Angel and I sat on the brown chesterfield sofa, in the living room, talking.
“Angel, I-I have to tell you something,” I said, deciding it was time she knew who I truly was.
“Okay,” she replied, a crescent smile on her lips.
“Well actually I- I have to show you,” I said, my voice trembling.
“What’s wrong?” she asked, grabbing my hand, as I stood. “I-” before I could answer her door swung open, and in stormed her father, and an army of man in black suites.
“Dad! You’re home, uh, early,” Angel said eyeing all the men in suites.

     “Hon, step away from Kyle, or should I say, Shadow,” Jim sneered. My heart instantly dropped to my toes.
“What do you mean?” I unwisely blurted.
“Dad?” Angel said looking between me and her father. Jim and his agents stalked closer, till we were only inches apart. “Move Angel,” he commanded.
Angel squeezed my hand tighter, “No.”
“Shadow, how about you tell my daughter how you’ve been lying to her,” Jim smiled, evil written all over his face. Angel’s hand loosened slightly.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” again I unwisely lied. Damn, why is it so hard to surrender? Jim grabbed me by the front of my shirt, yanking me close to him, so much that I could smell the foul of his breath.
“Dad, what are you doing? Kyle, talk to me! Somebody tell me what the hell is going on!” Angel yelled.
“Shadow, my agents have been watching you and your ‘so-called’ brothers,” Jim said, “I know who you really are.” My heart skipped a couple of beats; Scar and Fang, are they okay? Were they caught?
“Sir, I-I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Why in hell do I keep saying stupid crap?
“Don’t fucking play with me!” Jim clamored, dropping me to the floor, as two of his beefy agents pulled me up by the arms, and held me tight.
            “Dad, stop!” Angel screamed. Jim dipped his hand beneath the collar of my shirt, and lifted out my chain. “What’s this?” Jim smiled.
“Dad, chill,” Angel said, tears in her eyes.
“Shut up Angel, you don’t have anything to do with this,” Jim said, staring into my eyes. I felt like ripping his face off, no one talks to Angel like that! “I see you don’t like that,” Jim cackled, “Angel, get over here.” As she did, one of the agents grabbed her.
“Let her go!” I barked, almost growling.
“Ah, now that’s what I want to see!” Jim exclaimed, clasping both hands together, “Gonna show Angel who you truly are, Shadow?”
“Kyle,” Angel whispered, lurching forward. The agent holding her squeezed her arms tighter.
“Let her go!” I roared-almost.
“Okay,” Jim said as he yanked the chain from around my neck.

            Kyle and Angel were having a lovely time, until her dad came and ruined everything. Angel was surprised at her father; usually he went around bragging about how ‘his daughter was so beautiful, she’d capture any guy’s heart.’ Shadow? Angel thought, So-called brothers? What was her father talking about?  When her father’s agents had held her captive, only for a minute, she could see the love in Kyle’s eyes. He can’t be lying to me, she thought, could he?
            When Jim had pulled the chain from around Kyle’s neck, a blinding light filled the house. When the light cleared, left in Kyle’s spot was a snarling beast. He was covered in black and silver fur, drool dripping from his fang-filled mouth. He had a wiry build, and was handsome? Angel didn’t know what to make out of the creature before her, was it really Kyle? The beast was on all fours breathing, panting, his back rising and falling with each breath. Angel looked into the beast’s face, filled with terror. As she looked into the beast’s eyes, she saw that same glowing yellow, she had fallen in love with. This beast was Kyle.
            I felt naked, exposed; and I couldn’t bear to look Angel in her eyes. I could see the sadness settled across her face, the look of betrayal; I hurt her, I lied to her, I wasn’t who she thought I was. I’m wrestled to the ground, men in black suits pinning me to the floor, but of course I could have easily gotten all of them off of me, but…I couldn’t…I wouldn’t become the beast, Angel’s father believed me to be. Jim crouched in front of me grabbing my face by the chin. “This is who you truly are, huh?” He asked spitting in my face.
            The front door swings open again, and in marches another group of men in black suits. At the head of the small army is Tanner, Clifton, and Sheela. Sheela smiled, as she saw me pinned to the floor. “What are you guys doing here?” Angel asked in almost a whisper. The men in black suits stepped aside, revealing Fang and Scar in the middle, handcuffed- but not yet in their werewolf forms. I frantically thrashed and growled, throwing the men off from on top of me. “Michael, Chris, you-you guys-” Angel’s eyes filled with tears again, as she finally took it all in. The men in black suits dropped Fang and Scar beside me, pulling off their watches, blinding light filled the room once again, as Fang and Scar drop to their knees, in their werewolf form. Angel gasped, squealed, and choked out a cry all at once. She looked from me, to Scar, to Fang.
            Narsa (Sheela) crouched down in front of me, her face only inches from mine.
“I’ll send condolences to your father,” she chuckled. As she stood, she pulled off her earrings, and transformed. Sheela was one of the most astounding creatures I’ve ever seen, I only remember seeing her once, from my childhood. She was absolutely gorgeous! She had purple, black, and blue fur, so beautifully placed, she looked almost magical. The blue was a beautiful sapphire hue, and the purple a deep seducing violet. Her fur was silky smooth and the wind blowing from outside, made it sway, just a bit. She retracted her long silver-ish claws and slowly dragged them up my arm, pass my shoulder, to my chin. I growled-correction: ROARED-as her claws hardly pierced my skin, but still drew blood.
            “Sheela, stop!” Angel cried, still standing a safe distance away. “Daddy make her stop,” Angel said, as she grabbed Jim’s arm.
“Narsa,” Jim said, keeping his voice calm as to not startle her. Narsa backed away, snarling and growling. To my left, Zultik (Tanner) and Law (Clifton) were restraining Scar and Fang. Zultik shifted, and to my surprise, he looked like Fang with his red and gray fur, and orange eyes. How’d he hide the eye color in his human form? Law was a snowy white with emerald green eyes. Fang and Scar growled, but little could they do, as they were also being pinned down by a bunch of agents.
“Take us to your clan!” Jim bellowed, I growled, baring my teeth-Jim backed away a few steps.
“Fine,” Jim said, as he unsheathed a fixation bowie. He put the knife to Fang’s neck; “Tell me,” he smiled a menacing smile spread across his face.
“Never!” Fang roared. Jim placed the tip of the blade on Fang’s neck, and pushed in a bit deeper. Blood began to creep down the knife. I thrashed and fought, until the agents were off my back. Narsa stood in my way, her claws retracted, “try me,” she grumbled, her voice deep and evil.
Again, if the following chapters don't match up with the first 4 chapters, I had to edit them; sorry!


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  • Mangolover

    This is amazing! It has changed so much from the last time I remember! Great job, and add more :P

    11 months ago
  • Quille

    Suspenseful! This sounds like it's going really well :D
    Keep on writing it :DD

    11 months ago
  • green.eyes.gurl

    I have homework, so I will like this when I read it. And please remind me if I forget! :)


    11 months ago