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It's Worth The Wait

November 26, 2018


        It happened so fast just like everyone said it would.  One minute your walking in to the first day of kindergarten and making friends out on the playground.  The next thing you know your sitting in your 7th hour for the last time waiting for your final bell to ring.  Sitting there waiting you realize these people around you won't be going on with you into the next chapter of your life,  yeah you might see them in college but it just won't be the same.   It's now starting to hit really hard that its your last year in highschool.  RING! RING! RING! That's the final bell you walk out. The following night you put your cap and gown on and take pictures with your family before continuing on to the big gym.  You're sitting there with all of your peers and you hear the head principal make her final speech to you the class of 2019.  You hear your name being called and you walk up onto the stage and shake a few hands and get the hard worked diploma that you deserve.  You've graduated, you did it.  Just to be bombarded with the questions "what school are you going to?" and "what are you going to major in?"  When you tell them they are so happy for you,  then all the hard work is going get even harder but you know in the end that it will be all worth it.   


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