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Hi! I'm Izzy. I love am a hyper, Christian, unicorn-loving, homeschooled, 14yo girl. I love fashion design, drawing, photography, writing and own my own business called I am also a HUGE advocate against human trafficking.

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Your sitting in your bedroom. You look around and sigh uncomfortably. You have nothing to do. Your phone is dead, your friends are doing homework and your parents are out of town. Then you get an idea, one that is so smart, you almost scream for joy. You jump out of bed, grab your laptop, pull up and WRITE!

Broken Memories-Part One

November 26, 2018


    "Come on, Fiona!" I said, laughing. "It's your turn!" Fiona rolled her eyes and grabbed a card. 
    "You cannot expect me to be serious during this game." Fiona's pretty red hair brushed against her gold glasses. "Don't you think it's a little ridiculous we're playing Candyland?" 
    "Maybe, but come on, it brings back memories."
    "We are in high school now though, it's a little embarrassing." I laughed. Fiona always found the facts about a situation, and never cared much for traditions. She only cared for one, our once a week sleepover. Fiona and I have been best friends since kindergarten, and begged our parents for a sleepover until finally, they consented in 3rd grade. We have had one every week since, much to our parent's demise. 
    "Whatever, if you can't be yourself in front of best friends, you don't have a true self." This time, Fiona laughed.
    "A little too preachy for 10 at night, don't you think?" I smiled, as she winked and put down the ice princess. I puched her in the arm playfully, but then stopped. Suddenly, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. 
    "Madison!" I whispered to Fiona.
    "Ugh, again?" Fiona shout-whispered back. "She has gotten up like 4 times already!" I shrugged and walked to the stairs.
    "Maddi!" I said sharply.
    "Yes?" Her innocent 5-year-old eyes looked up at me. I tried to stay stern, but my voice softened a little.
    "What are you doing up again? It's really late, Maddi." She looked down sadly. "What's wrong, girlie?"
    "I have a funny feeling inside." She said quietly.
    "Yeah? Like what?"
    "I'm scared." Just then the phone rang. All of the sudden, I got an anxious, scared feeling in the pit of my stomach too. 
    "Hold on, ok?" She nodded, and sat down on the stairs. I walked back down the stairs and to the kitchen, where the home phone rang. I picked it up, and heard a worried voice on the other line.
    "Hello? Hello? Is this Vida Marcus?" A man's voice said.
    "Yes, this is she." I put on my best, most professional sounding voice.
    "Um, yes, well, I, um, regret to inform you, that your parents have been in a car crash tonight. Um, your father, well he is unconscious right now, but your mother..." There was silence on the other line. "She passed away on impact." I dropped the phone. I didn't even process fully. I just started crying, the next thing I know, Fiona is at my side, hugging me, and asking me what happened. Then I don't remember anything at all.

    "Do you understand?" The woman said from across the table. 
    "You mean to say that I'm not going to be living with my godparents?"
    "We think it would be best to keep you in the state, for now. Until, God willing, your father gets better." I rolled my eyes. They all try to make me think that Dad's gonna be fine, but I know he isn't. He's been in a coma, and those never end well. 
    "We found a placement family for you, the--" 
    "What about Madison?" I interrupted.  
    "Unfortunately, we couldn't keep you guys together--"
    "Your separating us?" I yelled. "She's stinking 5-years-old! She doesn't understand my mom died, and that my dad is going to! We need to stay together!" 
    "If, and that is a big fat if, your father dies, you will both be sent to live with your godparents in Wisconsin." She says calmly. "This is all temporary."
    "Who is the family I'm staying with?" I ask sharply.
    "The Hyatt's." She said, my mouth dropped. "I understand they go to your church." My mind clouds with anger. First, I loose my parents, then my sister, and now I'm living with the one person I hate most. Ava Hyatt. She is the single most annoying person on earth. She hates my guts, apparently, I'm annoying. She fakes being nice to me, to impress everyone else, but I can tell its all an act. Here we go, the year of awful.


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